Harley XL Super Sport Wind Deflector Review

Bryan Harley | May 28, 2014
The XL Sportster Super Sport Wind Deflector is small  unobtrusive  and provides a small pocket to duck behind.
Looking for a little relief from windblast on the freeway, we added a Harley-Davidson XL Super Sport Wind Deflector to our Sportster project bike. 
Well be talking about the installation of new RSD bars  risers  levers and grips soon  but know the electrical system of our project Sportster was a mess.
The XL Sportster Super Sport Wind Deflector is small, unobtrusive, and provides a small pocket to duck behind.
Our 2004 Sportster 1200 Custom project is looking less like an old mans bike and more like the hot rod we envisioned.

We love blasting down the highway on our 2004 Sportster 1200 Custom project bike, enjoying the extra pep in its step since installing an RSD Clarity Air Cleaner and Vance & Hines RSD Slant Exhaust. But at highway speeds, plenty of wind smacks riders mid-chest. We were looking for a little something to duck behind but didn’t want to go with a club-style front fairing. We’re trying to keep the bars clean and steering light as possible, running everything internally with the new bars and relocating the speedo to the side of the fork with a Joker Machine Speedo Relocation Kit. When we saw Harley-Davidson’s XL Super Sport Wind Deflector (Kit #57400184), its size and unobtrusiveness fit what we were envisioning for our Sportster project bike.

The kit is all-inclusive, primarily a couple of clamps, two brackets, the small smoked windscreen and a handful of bolts and washers. The unit we installed came with the side brackets already pre-mounted, making the job that much easier. All we had to do was attach the bracket holding the windscreen to the clamp, then screw the clamp on the fork. It suggests putting the clamps in place first, then bolting the windscreen to it, but we found it easier to attach the screen to the clamp first and bolt it on as one piece. The clamp didn’t interfere with any wiring, so we tightened down the clamp screws to 60 in-lb.


The bikini screen sits right on top of the stock headlight and rises up a bit higher than the bars. The mounting bits are shiny chrome, matching our fork, while the smoky polycarbonate screen complements the black bars. The fork-mounted XL Super Sport Wind Deflector doesn’t add any noticeable weight to steering, but it does add to its racy new disposition.


On the freeway, the wind deflector cut down a bit of the mid-chest windblast. Lean forward and you can find a small pocket of protection to tuck into. Riders are still going to get buffeted around a bit, but it does divert the blast away from a rider’s chest and is a noticeable improvement over nothing at all. It’s also earning its keep in the number of bugs squashed.


Easy to install, effective for its size, the Harley XL Super Sport Wind Deflector is an attractive combination of smoke and chrome. We found it in Harley’s vast Parts & Accessories catalog for $249.95, which isn’t cheap, but if you do a bunch of highway miles on your Sportster, it has made our blasts down the freeway much more enjoyable.


Bryan Harley

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