Las Vegas 250 Supercross Results 2014

May 3, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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250 SX West

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson took the 250 SX West win in Las Vegas, beating Yamaha’s Cooper Webb. Wilson’s teammate Justin Hill rounded out the podium in third. Rockstar Energy’s Jason Anderson walks away with the 2014 250 SX West title, however, the KTM rider finishing sixth and retaining a five point advantage over Troy Lee Designs’ Cole Seely in second overall.

Anderson came into the round with an eight point lead over Seely in the championship standings, and were the primary contenders for this year’s title. The two have dominated previous 250 SX West rounds this season but a bad start in Vegas put Seely back in eighth and Anderson in ninth. Webb scored the holeshot and led through the initial laps followed by Wilson and Hill in third.

Things remained relatively quiet out front in the early stages of the race, but Seely was pushing to move up the ranks in order to close the points gap to Anderson. The KTM ace held to Seely’s rear tire until both had moved into fifth and sixth respectively as the race reached mid-point. Seely continued to drive ahead but could only make up one additional position, passing his teammate Malcolm Stewart in the final laps for fourth.

Webb, meanwhile, set up a nice gap early in the race but Wilson was able to chip that down to nothing, passing the Yamaha rider for the lead with seven laps remaining. Webb answered back a lap later but his lead proved short lived as Wilson retaliated soon after, holding the front to the finish.

“This is where we should have been all season,” said Wilson. “I really wanted the championship and I showed that I was the guy to beat. It didn’t work out but I’m happy to take another win and carry this momentum into outdoors.”

GEICO Honda’s Zach Osborne finished in seventh behind Anderson, followed by Seely’s teammates Shane Mcelrath and Jessy Nelson in eighth and ninth, respectively.

Las Vegas 250 SX West Results 2014
1. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki)
2. Cooper Webb (Yamaha)
3. Justin Hill (Kawasaki)
4. Cole Seely (Honda)
5. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
6. Jason Anderson (KTM)
7. Zach Osborne (Honda)
8. Shane Mcelrath (Honda)
9. Jessy Nelson (Honda)
10. Jake Canada (Honda)
11. Michael Leib (Honda)
12. Scott Champion (Yamaha)
13. Zack Freeberg (Yamaha)
14. Dakota Tedder (Kawasaki)
15. Preston Mull (Yamaha)
16. Chad Gores (Honda)
17. Blake Lilly (KTM)
18. Chris Howell (Yamaha)
19. Ruben Alanis (KTM)
20. Colton Aeck (Honda)
21. Aaron Siminoe (Kawasaki)
22. Ross Johnson (Honda)

250 SX East

Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin scored his first 250 SX East win of the 2014 Monster Eneregy AMA Supercross championship in the Las Vegas finale, followed by the 2014 250 SX East title winner, Justin Bogle of GEICO Honda. Bogle’s teammate, Matt Bisceglia, rounded out the podium.

Bogle scored the holeshot and led the way through the opening laps, but had Martin on his rear tire until mid-race when the Yamaha ace made the pass for the front. Martin proceeded to stretch a gap on the field on the way to his first victory this year, while Bogle held steady in second. Bogle’s primary competition for the championship, Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Martin Davalos, was unable to compete due to injury as were his teammates Blake Baggett and Adam Cianciarulo.

Smartop’s Kyle Cunningham finished in fourth followed by Riverside Harley-Davidson’s James Decotis in fifth and Mitchell Oldenburg in sixth.’s Alex Martin took seventh ahead of Gannon Audette in eighth and XPR Extreme Performance Racing’s Jackson Richardson in ninth.

Bogle ends the year 39 points ahead of Davalos, who has been unable to compete in the final two rounds of the year. Factory Metal Works’ Vince Friese finishes in third overall followed by Cunningham in fourth.

Las Vegas 250 SX East Results 2014
1. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha)
2. Justin Bogle (Honda)
3. Matt Bisceglia (Honda)
4. Kyle Cunningham (Honda)
5. James Decotis (Honda)
6. Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda)
7. Alex Martin (Yamaha)
8. Gannon Audette (Kawasaki)
9. Jackson Richardson (Honda)
10. Vince Friese (Honda)
11. Landen Powell (KTM)
12. AJ Cantanzaro (Honda)
13. Levi Kilbarger (Honda)
14. Zack Williams (Honda)
15. Jacob Baumert (Kawasaki)
16. Justin Starling (Honda)
17. Taylor Potter (Honda)
18. Bryce Stewart (Yamaha)
19. John Pauk (Honda)
20. Kyle Bitterman (Honda)
21. Matt Lemoine (Kawasaki)
22. Nick Desiderio (Honda)

Las Vegas 250 SX East/West Shootout

Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Justin Hill led the 2014 250 SX East/West Shootout in Las Vegas from start to finish, taking his first race win since San Diego. Hill’s teammate, Dean Wilson, finished in second followed by Rockstar Energy KTM’s Jason Anderson in third.

Hill, Wilson and Anderson slotted into the first three positions during the opening lap followed by Troy Lee Design’s Malcolm Stewart in fourth. Stewart challenged Anderson early on for the number-three spot but then suffered a big off that left him rattled. Anderson held steady in third for the remainder of the race.

Behind, Yamaha’s Cooper Webb finished in fourth followed by his teammate, Jeremy Martin, in fifth and Stewart’s teammate, Cole Seely in sixth. GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle, was battling for a top-five position until the final laps when he lost his machine and went down, earning a 17-place finishing position in the Shootout.

Las Vegas 250 SX East/West Shootout Results 2014
1. Justin Hill (Kawasaki)
2. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki)
3. Jason Anderson (KTM)
4. Cooper Webb (Yamaha)
5. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha)
6. Cole Seely (Honda)
7. Jake Canada (Honda)
8. Kyle Cunningham (Honda)
9. Shane Mcelrath (Honda)
10. Jessy Nelson (Honda)
11. Michael Leib (Honda)
12. Matt Bisceglia (Honda)
13. Jackson Richardson (Honda)
14. Alex Martin (Yamaha)
15. Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda)
16. Landen Powell (KTM)
17. Justin Bogle (Honda)
18. Gannon Audette (Kawasaki)
19. James Decotis (Honda)
20. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
21. Matt Lemoine (Kawasaki)
22. Zach Osborne (Honda)


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