Motor Trike Launches Triumph Rocket III Trike

May 30, 2014
Courtesy of Motor Trike
Trike conversion for Triumph Rocket III Tourer
Motor Trike is launching its latest three-wheeler based on Triumph’s Rocket III, combining Motor Trike’s Independent Rear Suspension technology with Triumph’s monster powerplant. We saw J.D. Vey hustling around on the Rocket III-equipped trike a couple months back at the press launch of the 2014 Triumph Commander and LT and were impressed with the way this thing handled the twisty stuff in the SoCal mountains around Julian. Motor Trike Rocket III Triumph

Motor Trike, Inc. announces the release of an all-new trike, which pairs its industry-leading Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with the world’s largest motorcycle production engine, forming the “Triumph Rocket Trike.” The 2014 Triumph Rocket Trike will maintain the full Triumph factory two-year warranty and can be ordered directly through your Triumph dealer.

Motor Trike went to great lengths to capture all the Triumph Rocket III has to offer. It features an all-new body design, integrating many of the classic Triumph design cues from the original motorcycle, using both the taillights and turn signals. The steering has been designed to make riding easy whether around town or on the highway taking on your favorite twisties.

“We have designed a trike for the Rocket III that will surprise a lot of riders,” says Motor Trike owner, Jeff Vey. “It has always been the accepted premise that a bike or trike with this much power would come with a trade-off (i.e. you would have to sacrifice comfort, lack of storage or the ability to corner). With the Rocket Trike you can now have it all: style, safety, comfort, and performance with a warranty that covers you from one end to the other. You no longer have to settle for a factory Trike with limitations.”

The Triumph Rocket Trike features one of the biggest trunk door openings in the industry and utilizes the Triumph ignition key to make locking and unlocking a cinch. The passenger seating and backrest position remain unchanged so there is still plenty of room for the driver and a passenger to go explore the open roads. Stopping the Triumph Rocket Trike will not be a problem as Motor Trike uses their multi-piston calipers on each rear wheel.

The Triumph Rocket Trike fits the 2014 Triumph Rocket III and is available for $27,999 (plus tax, title, license and freight). Units ordered through Triumph dealers will maintain the full Triumph factory two-year warranty. Triumph is currently taking orders for the Rocket III Trike. Please contact your local Triumph dealer directly:

For customers needing only a conversion kit, please contact your local Motor Trike dealer: The Triumph Rocket III Trike conversion will fit year models 2009 to present Rocket III Touring bikes and 2010 to present Rocket III Roadster. Units built by Motor Trike dealers will carry the Motor Trike three-year 60,000 mile warranty only.

• 55” Overall Width
• 75” Wheelbase Length
• 118” Overall Length
• 1,283 lbs Total Weight
• Unequal Length Upper and Lower Control Arm Suspension
• 5.0 Cubic Foot Trunk

• Full Factory Warranty
• Independent Rear Suspension
• On-Board Air Compressor
• Patented Air Ride Suspension
• Over 4″ of Suspension Travel
• Power Steering
• Progressive Coil Over Shocks
• Integrated Disc Brake System
• Trunk Light on Interior of Door
• Hidden Trunk Door Hinges
• Billet Aluminum Torque Thrust Wheels
• 12 Volt Power Outlet in Trunk
• LED Air Suspension & Voltmeter Readout
• Shaft drive
• Rake Kit
• Parking Brake
• High-Torque Low Speed Reverse

• Front Wheel Upgrade (coming 8/2014)
• Several Types of Rear Wheel Upgrades
• 17″ tires
• Front Wheel Balancer
• Fender Bras with Optional Embroidery
• ABS Integration Kit
• Chrome Nerf Bumper
• Embroidered Trunk Mat
• Trike Cover
• Color-Match Paint