SuperSport Road America Race 1 Results 2014

May 31, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Celtic Racing’s Corey Alexander scored his third consecutive AMA Pro SuperSport win of 2014 in as many rounds during the first race at Road America. Houston Superbikes’ Dustin Dominguez finished in the runner-up position followed by Suzuki pilot Hayden Gillim in third.

Alexander, who a little more than two weeks prior broke his collarbone during training, led the contest from start to finish. He got a good jump from pole position and proceeded to build a four-plus second gap on the field through the remaining 10 laps. Behind, Gillim slotted into the runner-up spot and held steady there until faced with pressure from Dominguez. The Yamaha ace was back in fifth through the opening lap but picked off Excel Racing’s Conner Blevins and Alexander’s teammate, Wyatt Farris, during the initial stages. By the time Dominguez found his way past Gillim, Alexander was too far ahead to challenge for the win before the checkers.

The battle for fourth heated up toward the end of the race as Farris fought to defend his position against De Keyrel Racing’s Kaleb De Keyrel. Like Dominguez, De Keyrel spent the early laps driving up the ranks but found a stubborn opponent in Farris, and the two swapped position numerous times in the hunt for the number four spot. Farris finally gained the upper hand during the final laps, leaving DeKeyrel to finish fifth.

Tuned Industries’ Jason Aguilar scored sixth ahead of Blevins, who dropped to seventh by the finish. House of Paint Designs’ JC Camacho finished in eighth-place followed by EYK’s Erick Sanchez and RoadRace Factory’s Hayden Schultz in ninth and 10th, respectively.

Alexander maintains the overall points lead in the series, trailed by Farris in second and Dominguez in third. Gillim sits fourth followed by Wyman in fifth.

AMA SuperSport Road America Race 1 Results 2014
1. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
2. Dustin Dominguez (Yamaha)
3. Hayden Gillim (Suzuki)
4. Wyatt Farris (Suzuki)
5. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yamaha)
6. Jason Aguilar (Yamaha)
7. Conner Blevins (Kawasaki)
8. JC Camacho (Yamaha)
9. Erick Sanchez (Yamaha)
10. Hayden Schultz (Yamaha)
11. Mitch Card (Honda)
12. Curtis Murray (Suzuki)
13. Carl Sotisz (Yamaha)
14. Cody Wyman (Suzuki)
15. Jeremy Simmons (Yamaha)

AMA Pro SuperSport Points 2014
1. Corey Alexander, 90
2. Wyatt Farris, 68
3. Dustin Dominguez, 61
4. Hayden Gillim, 56
5. Cody Wyman, 41
6. Jason Aguilar, 40
7. JC Camacho, 36
8. Armando Ferrer, 34
9. Kaleb De Keyrel, 32
10. Erick Sanchez, 31


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