2014 X Games Step Up Results

June 10, 2014
Courtesy of KTM North America

Ronnie Renner earned his 6th gold medal in Step-Up at the 2014 X-Games held at the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix facility in Austin, TX.

KTM rider Ronnie Renner claims his sixth career Step-Up gold during the
2014 X Games in Austin, Texas.

Renner entered his sixteenth X-Games appearance confident from the start of the afternoon practice session, to clearing the first height of 24 feet in the final. Renner cleared the bar in the next two rounds with ease with all riders remaining. Without difficulty, Renner made it over 30 feet and then 32 feet where three of his top competitors were eliminated.

“I was pumped when we made it over 32,” said Renner. “I knew I was at least in medal contention at that point, but at the same time knew I could keep going higher.”

It was down to three riders at 33 feet and Renner was able to move on and Libor Podmol was eliminated. The bar was then raised to 33 feet and 6 inches in which both Renner and Bryce Hudson comfortably cleared. In the last round, Renner was able to beat out Hudson by clearing 34 feet, clinching the 2014 X-Games gold in Step-Up.

Overall Results Moto X Step-Up:
1. Ronnie Renner
2. Bryce Hudson
3. Libor Podmol
4. Josh Hansen
5. Massimo Bianconcini
6. Matt Buyten