Ducati Scrambler to Launch in 2015

June 9, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Ducati has confirmed its long-rumored Scrambler will join the brand’s model line in early 2015. Already spotted (and hyped) by spy shot leaks, the Scrambler prototype was officially revealed to Ducati’s Bologna employees in a private viewing.

The new Ducati Scrambler  apparently hidden in a big yellow shipping container.
Ducati has officially teased its forthcoming Scrambler model  revealing the prototype to its Bologna employees.
Ducati has officially teased its forthcoming Scrambler model, revealing the prototype to its Bologna employees (top). The only official picture of the bike is a silhouette teaser (bottom).

In a press announcement confirming its slow tease of the Scrambler, the Italian marque explains the employee-only preview, stating: “Ducati’s decision to announce the arrival of the new model to its employees first, underlines the appreciation it has of its workforce, regarding it as the beating heart of the company. With them, project personnel are creating an entire world around the Scrambler with, as their impromptu beach suggested, a lifestyle of fun, creativity and free expression.”

The statement continues: “As yet no official images have been released and none of the lucky Ducati employees were allowed to take photos inside the big yellow viewing container, but Ducati confirms the new Scrambler will finally break cover this autumn and become available from early 2015 in Ducati Stores worldwide.”

So the PR comes with a picture of a big-ol’ yellow shipping container… But Ducati did release a promotional video with some teaser shots embedded, of which screen grabs are included in the gallery below.

Combining the video clues with existing Scrambler spy shots, the Scrambler appears to be powered by an air-cooled Twin with prominent cooling fins on the cylinder heads. Given the release of its new liquid-cooled Monster 821, the Scrambler will presumably get the outgoing 696/796 L-Twin. A design sketch teased in the video certainly seems to share the Monster’s distinctively curved exhaust headers.

Further styling cues hint at flat track-ish inspired bars and tires. The fuel tank sources a two-tone retro look – one of those tones being yellow (presuming the screen grab from the video is of the Scrambler prototype and not an immaculately maintained vintage Scrambler). 

Ducati confirms the retro theme in its PR saying: “While the new Scrambler is created from the same core values that contributed to an important period of the company’s history during the ‘60s and ‘70s, it seems set to reinterpret the original model in an entirely up-to-date way. Confirmation of the Scrambler will undoubtedly delight the thousands of fans who have been dreaming of such a project for many years.”

Those delighted, dreaming Ducatisti can wait (with bated breath I am certain…) for future updates on the new Scrambler, as Ducati sees fit to release them. Ducati implores such devotees to visit the Scrambler’s microsite (www.scramblerducati.com) and follow the Twitter hashtag #scramberducati.

The Ducati Scrambler prototype will take its styling cues from the 60s and 70s era Scramblers  including the distinctive fuel tanks - provided this screen grab is the prototype and not a vintage Scrambler... Ducati has officially teased its forthcoming Scrambler model  revealing the prototype to its Bologna employees. Screen grab from Ducatis promotional video of the new Scrambler.
The Scrambler prototype appears to have a flack-tracker vibe. Possible design sketch of the forthcoming Ducati Scrambler  which the Italian marque claims is slated for release in early 2015. The Scrambler will presumably be powered by an air-cooled Twin.

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