Erik Buell Racing Reveals EBR 1190SX

June 11, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Erik Buell Racing has revealed its latest production model, the EBR 1190SX. The new design made its impromptu debut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where EBR is conducting a press ride for its 1190RX superbike (first ride review forthcoming on MotoUSA).

EBR has not revealed any product details or specs for the 1190SX, other than a single photo (pictured below, with identically posed 1190RX for comparison). From the lone pic it appears the SX shares the running gear and rolling chassis of the RX. Obvious changes from the RX design are its streetfighter stylings, with the RX’s full fairing replaced by a more naked aesthetic. The 1190SX sports a higher handlebar, rather than the RX clip-ons.

EBR reps promise more information will be released in the next month or so, encouraging interested parties to stay tuned to the company’s social media channels for updates:


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