Hensley’s CCRacer 203: Christopher Casanova

June 23, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The second season of John Hensley’s CCRacer continues with a look at rider and artist Christopher Casanova. The first two episodes dealt primarily with road-going machines and the men dedicated to crafting a unique place within the two-wheeled world, going inside John Ethell’s Jett Tuning shop and looking at musician/coffee-aficionado James Kennedy’s garage projects. For the third installment Hensley’s series goes off road, following Casanova into the hills of Los Padres National Forest where he works to complete an art installation atop Little Pine Mountain.

Many of Casanova’s installations are unique for the fact that they aren’t “installed” anywhere, but are built and left to stand amongst the landscape which provided the materials for the piece in the first place. In a handful of cases he’s chosen to go deep into the backwoods before starting a project, exploring for days before choosing a place to begin his work. What better way to cover lots of ground with a load of tools and get somewhere really remote than by motorcycle?

Riding helps enable Casanova to turn his inspiration to reality and to escape into parts of the world that are serene and untouched. Check out the video below to see what Casanova creates and hear more about his process, aesthetic and the role motorcycles play in his art.

For more videos and info about Hensley’s project, head over to CCRacer.com, which also includes blog posts and photo galleries that have been posted since its inception in 2012.