IOMTT Sure Sidecar Race 1 Results 2014

June 2, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Shelbourne Honda’s Conrad Harrison and Mike Aylott took the checkers in Sure Sidecar Race 1 at the 2014 Isle of Man TT. LCR’s John Holden and Andrew Winkle finished in second place followed by DMR’s Tim Reeves and Gregory Cluze in third.

Harrison and Aylott crossed the line in fourth-place after the first lap, while Hanni LCR’s Ben and Tom Birchall led the way. Conditions were perfect for the three-lap contest and the eventual winners began to make up ground the following lap, slipping past Reeves and Cluze into third. Out front though, DMR’s Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance had taken over the front and stretched a lead of more than 20 seconds ahead of Holden/Winkle in second after the Birchall’s crashed out at Black Dub. Luckily the brothers sustained only minor injuries in the incident. Molyneux/Farrance were on fire during the initial stages, also setting what would stand as the fastest lap of the race, clocked at 115.538 mph.

Molyneux/Farrance ran into trouble on Lap 3 however and retired from the race. Harrison/Aylott and Holden/Winkle battled for second for a period but Harrison/Aylott proved to have the speed in the final stages, opening a 17-second gap on the field to cross the line in first with an average speed of 113.987 mph.

Yamaha’s Ian Bell and Carl Bell finished in fourth-place followed by Kawasaki’s Karl Bennett and Lee Cain in fifth. Ireson Honda’s Wayne Lockey and Mark Sayers finished sixth, earning their best ever TT result. Kawsaki’s Darren Hope crossed the line in seventh with partner Paul Bumfrey while Honda’s Gregory Lambert and Kenny Cole trailed in eighth.

The second 2014 Isle of Man TT Sure Sidecar race is scheduled for Wednesday June 4.

2014 Isle of Man TT Sure Sidecar Race 1 Results 2014
1. Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott (Shelbourne Honda) 113.987 mph
2. John Holden/Andrew Winkle (LCR) 113.448 mph
3. Tim Reeves/Gregory Cluze (DMR) 112.926 mph
4. Ian Bell/Carl Bell (Yamaha) 110.396 mph
5. Karl Bennett/Lee Cain (Kawasaki) 110.362 mph
6. Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers (Ireson Honda) 109.579 mph
7. Darren Hope/Paul Bumfrey (Kawasaki) 108.692 mph
8. Gregory Lambert/Kenny Cole (Honda) 108.382 mph
9. Roy Hanks/Kevin Perry (Molyneux Rose TB) 108.173 mph
10. Gordon Shand/Phil Hyde (Shand F2) 107.960 mph


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