Isle of Man Lightweight TT Results 2014

June 6, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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RC Express Racing’s Dean Harrison scored his first ever Isle of Man TT race win in the Bikenation Lightweight TT, staging a commanding performance which saw him lead from start to finish. Quattro Plant Kawasaki’s James Hillier finished on the box in second followed by Stewart Smith Racing’s James Cowton in third.

Riders were treated to a pristine day on course, and from the start Harrison was out with force, leading ahead of Hillier by half a second at Glen Helen. Cowton settled into his eventual finishing position early in the contest as well, sitting third during the initial stages of Lap 1. Mckinstry Racing’s Ivan Lintin, the fastest qualifier for the event, failed to make it through the first rotation however, retiring at Union Mills.

Harrison notched a 117.897 mph first lap and grew his advantage to nearly 10 seconds over Hillier. Most on course chose to pit after the first time round except for Michael Russell, so for much of the second lap the leaderboard showed the Manx GP winner up to third. Positions readjusted once on to Lap 3 and Harrison remained the front-runner, pacing over 18 seconds quicker than Hillier during the final pass by Glen Helen.

During the final stages of the race Harrison eased slightly to avoid any threat to victory and crossed the line with a 14.6 second margin while Hillier was a clear second, finishing nine seconds faster than Cowton.

KMR Kawasaki’s Keith Amor took four-place followed by Cowton’s teammate, Jamie Hamilton, in fifth. Flitwick Motorcycle’s Oliver Linsdell finished in sixth, a hearty achievement for the Paton pilot, making him the only non-Kawasaki rider within the top-29 finishers.

Linsdell was followed by Amor’s teammate, Ryan Farquhar, in seventh. Tony Morris’ Daniel Cooper placed eighth while KMR Kawasaki’s Connor Behan and MotoPoint Indi Racing Team’s Michal Dokupil finished in ninth and 10th, respectively.
Harrison’s victory is doubly sweet following his father, Conrad Harrison’s, Sure Sidecar Race 1 win a few days prior. The achievement marks the first time a father and son have both scored TT race wins in the same week.

Isle of Man Bikenation Lightweight TT Results 2014
1. Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) 117.460 mph
2. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 116.967 mph
3. James Cowton (Kawasaki) 116.666 mph
4. Keith Amor (Kawasaki) 116.552 mph
5. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki) 115.625 mph
6. Oliver Linsdell (Paton) 114.638 mph
7. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 114.025 mph
8. Daniel Cooper (Kawasaki) 113.772 mph
9. Connor Behan (Kawasaki) 112.422 mph
10. Michal Dokupil (Kawasaki) 112.223 mph
11. Martin Jessopp (Kawasaki) 112.171 mph
12. David Johnson (Kawasaki) 112.122 mph
13. Daniel Webb (Kawasaki) 111.868 mph
14. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 111.464 mph
15. Adrian Harrison (Kawasaki) 110.888 mph