Isle of Man Senior TT Results 2014

June 6, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Hawk Racing BMW’s Michael Dunlop moved a step higher in the Isle of Man TT record books after notching his 11th career TT win in the 2014 PokerStars Senior TT. This is the second consecutive year that Dunlop has taken four wins in a week, and his overall stats rank him fifth on the all-time win list, tied with riders Steve Hislop and Phillip McCallen. Honda Racing’s Conor Cummins finished this year’s Senior TT in second, crossing exactly 14 seconds behind the race winner. Tyco Suzuki’s Guy Martin rounds out the podium.

Michael’s brother William Dunlop, teammate to Martin, started from eighth but was quickly the fastest rider on the course, leading through the initial stages ahead of Cummins and Martin. Michael paced back in seventh at Glen Helen but picked-up steam throughout the first rotation, working his way up the ranks to assume first position by the end of Lap 1. His lead was slight at the end of the first lap however, a mere eighth-tenths of a second ahead of Martin.

During Lap 2 Michael upped the ante further, logging a 131.668 mph lap and building his gap on the field to more than seven seconds. William, who’d fallen to fourth behind Martin and Cummins, clawed his way back to the runner-up sport by the first pit-stop. Behind the top-four, RC Express Racing’s Dean Harrison, this year’s Lightweight TT winner, was sitting fifth ahead of Valvoline/Padgetts’ Bruce Anstey, Quattro Plant Kawasaki’s James Hillier and Honda Racing’s John McGuinness.

The battle of the Dunlop brothers came to an end on Lap 3 however, when William crashed out at Les Graham Memorial. Officials reported that he was thought to have broken his leg in the incident and was airlifted to Nobles Hospital for treatment. Harrison also went out mid-way through the race, retiring from competition at Sulby. Other crashes during the race include Riders Motorcycles BMW’s Martin Jessop and Hunts Honda’s John Ingram, who both went down at Governors, and BMW rider Philip Crowe, down at Gooseneck. Kawasaki’s Horst Saiger also crashed at Gardeners Lane. Crowe and Ingram were reported to be ok, but Jessop was taken by ambulance to Nobles with a broken collarbone and Saiger suffered a leg injury.

Following William’s misfortune, Cummins moved into second followed by Martin in third. Cummins fought to keep within reach of Michael out front, and by the second pit stop the Honda rider had cut Dunlop’s advantage from 13 seconds down to nine and a half.

The gap reduced more on Lap 5, with Cummins coming within seven seconds of Dunlop. The BMW ace was lapping in a pack with Hillier, McGuinness and Martin at the time but once he was able to break away Dunlop opened the advantage once again. He maintained his pace through to the finish for the win, doubling his lead on Cummins by the checkers.

Anstey and Hillier fought for fourth all the way to the finish, with Anstey finishing ahead by a slight 1.4 seconds. McGuinness crossed the line in sixth followed by Milwaukee Yamaha’s Josh Brookes in seventh. Cookstown B.E. Racing’s Dan Kneen scored eighth followed by Banthams BMW’s Michael Rutter and Lloyd and Jones PR Kawasaki’s David Johnson in ninth and 10th, respectively.

In 11th, Ice Valley’s Peter Hickman logged the fastest ever lap by a first time TT contestant, clocking in at 129.104 mph.

Isle of Man PokerStars Senior TT Results 2014
1. Michael Dunlop (BMW) 128.680 mph
2. Conor Cummins (Honda) 128.396 mph
3. Guy Martin (Suzuki) 128.201 mph
4. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 127.722 mph
5. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 127.693 mph
6. John McGuinness (Honda) 127.375 mph
7. Josh Brookes (Yamaha) 127.262 mph
8. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 126.381 mph
9. Michael Rutter (BMW) 126.262 mph
10. David Johnson (Kawasaki) 125.551 mph
11. Peter Hickman (BMW) 125.380 mph
12. Dan Stewart (Honda) 125.117 mph
13. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 123.389 mph
14. Daniel Cooper (Kawasaki) 122.382 mph
15. Ian Mackman (Suzuki) 122.124 mph