J&P Cycles Hit by Storm, Shipping Delayed

June 30, 2014
Bryan Harley
By Bryan Harley
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J P Pummeled by storm.
J&P Cycles’ Anamosa, Iowa facility was rocked by a powerful thunderstorm today, damaging the building and strewing remnants from its Open House Rally about the property. J&P held its 35th annual Open House the weekend before the storm hit, the picture below showing what Anamosa looked like on Saturday.
J P Cycles 34th Annual Open House

J&P Cycles’ Anamosa, Iowa, facility was hit by a powerful thunderstorm today, snapping trees, damaging buildings, and sending E-Z ups on roof tops. The motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories supplier had just celebrated its 35th annual Open House Rally the day before, but tents set up for the celebration and plenty of merchandise still left outside apparently were damaged and destroyed by heavy winds and rain.

“A bad storm hit our Anamosa facility today – shipping will be delayed till we get it sorted out” wrote J&P on a YouTube post showing the storm damage (below).

Weather reports state a weather system with “golf ball-size hail and wind gusts of up to 70 mph” swept through the area this afternoon. Tornado warnings were also issued. We’re waiting to hear back from our friends at J&P to get more first-hand information but the plant has been closed for the day. Had this storm passed through a day earlier, results may have been even more dire as thousands of motorcyclists were on-hand to take part in the 35th annual Open House celebration.

J&P Cycles is a fellow member of the Motorsports Aftermarket Group.


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