Kwapisz Travels America Solo on a Bonneville

June 16, 2014
Courtesy of Weronika Kwapisz
Weronka Kwapisz is on a journey across America, riding a Triumph Bonneville solo to explore the heart of the USA.

Weronika Kwapisz, who is known for her lonely, daring expedition across Europe performed on a little “125cc” motorcycle, just begun another journey of her life. In 80 days she will cross North America on Triumph Bonneville.

Weronika Kwapisz is a rider, traveler, and author of the e-book “Everything starts from a dream.” Thanks to her 94-year-old grandmother, who runs a motorcycle shop, there is gasoline flowing in her veins. Weronika inherited the love for two-wheels in her genes, which sparked a courageous journey through Europe in 2011. This petite and modest young woman crossed 7456 miles alone on a small 125cc motorcycle, arousing great interest in the media.

This year Weronika set a goal to tour the endless prairies of North America alone. For more than two months she will struggle with many difficult routes, changeable weather, and unpredictable events.

“I want to discover North America from the inside out, ride many fairytale routes called ‘Scenic Byways,’ visit National Parks, and get to know people and their stories. I want to see if the Wild West with endless prairies still exist,” said Weronika before starting her great American adventure.

This trip is scheduled for 9940 miles, which Weronika will travel on a more comfortable motorcycle – a bit unusual, as for this distance – Triumph Bonneville. 

“This is the essence of style, timeless motorcycle that has a soul. I don’t want to beat any record, I want to soak up the world which becomes more clear at lower speeds. I also like minimalism, because nowadays too many gadgets distract our attention from what’s really important. Besides, you can’t buy adventure, you can only experience it. “

Currently Weronika reached the midpoint of her trip – San Francisco. The odometer is showing 6000 miles, which means she will exceed the distance she has predicted.

“North America is a beautiful continent with great roads. So far I have met incredible and friendly people. I can’t wait to see what the second part of journey brings.”

Whole adventure you can track via Facebook and on the official site


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