SuperBike Road America Race 2 Results 2014

June 1, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes won a dangerously weather-affected AMA Pro SuperBike Race 2 at Road America. ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony made his first trip to the podium in second followed by Yoshimura Suzuki’s Roger Hayden in third.

Spots of rain had been falling at various points of the track during previous races, but conditions were clear for the start of the SuperBike contest. Hayes, Hayden’s teammate Martin Cardenas, and Race 1 winner Cameron Beaubier slotted into the top three positions followed by Hayden and KTM/HMC’s Chris Fillmore in fifth. The race proceeded without incident for a number of laps until Beaubier lost the front coming into Turn 1 and went sliding into the gravel. Hayes and Cardenas pulled away and were battling for the lead when rain started to fall yet again on portions of the track.

Officials were waiting for signals from riders in order to red-flag the race due to weather, but Hayes and Cardenas pushed ahead. Hayes later explained that there wasn’t nearly enough water on track to call for rain tires, so opted to slow his pace slightly and continue until a tire swap was absolutely necessary. Farrell Performances’ Jason Farrell lost his machine mid-way through and was incensed that flags weren’t already flying. Soon after his fall, officials called riders back to the pits and declared the race wet, giving them the option of running tires suitable for such conditions.

The problem was that the majority of the track remained dry, so most opted to remain on slicks for the restart. This choice didn’t prove to be a problem until the final lap and a half of the contest, when the skies completely opened up. Hayes had built a sizable lead at that point, but he and most others on the grid were forced to a snail’s-pace in order to make it around the track without falling. Standing water was everywhere and sheets were coming down in places, but since riders had the option earlier of choosing wet tires before the restart officials didn’t immediately call a halt to the race.

Hayes limped around the track in first gear to secure the win while others lost grip at various places, including Beaubier, who returned to the contest after his fall a number of laps behind, and Fillmore. Just as Hayes crossed the finish line, the race was red-flagged and called due to the multiple rider crashes behind.

Hayden’s teammate Chris Clark managed to hold to fourth-place followed by Fillmore in fifth and Foremost Insurance’s Larry Pegram in sixth. Cardenas ended the day in seventh.

Beaubier maintains the points lead in the series, but is now tied mathematically with Hayden in second. Hayes is up to third, four points adrift of his teammate and Anthony sits fourth, 16 points behind Beaubier.

AMA Pro SuperBike Road America Race 2 Results 2014
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
2. David Anthony (Suzuki)
3. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)
4. Chris Clark (Suzuki)
5. Chris Fillmore (KTM)
6. Larry Pegram (EBR)
7. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
8. Bernat Martinez (Yamaha)
9. Trent Gibson (Kawasaki)
10. Francois Dumas (BMW)
11. Frankie Babuska (Suzuki)
12. Jason Farrell (Kawasaki)
13. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
14. Chris Ulrich (Honda)
15. Cory West (EBR)

AMA Pro SuperBike Championship Points 2014
1. Cameron Beaubier, 89
2. Roger Hayden, 89
3. Josh Hayes, 85
4. David Anthony, 73
5. Chris Clark, 69
6. Martin Cardenas, 65
7. Chris Fillmore, 60
8. Bernat Martinez, 38
9. Cory West, 36
10. Chris Ulrich, 32


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