AMA Flat Track Sacramento Mile Results 2014

July 28, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Villa-Esparza Crosley Radio’s Bryan Smith made history at the 2014 Sacramento Mile, becoming the only rider in the history of the sport to win at the legendary track four years in a row. Ramspur Winery’s Jake Johnson nearly upset Smith’s win, crossing the line just 0.030 seconds back in the runner-up spot followed by Rogers Racing’s Jared Mees in third.

Smtih wasted no time getting to the front of the pack, diving into Turn 1 with the lead. Behind, Johson, Mees, Zanotti Racing’s Kenny Coolbeth Jr. and Hot Shot Motorworks’ Brandon Robinson bunched up and gave Smith a serious run for his money throughout the contest. Johnson and Mees proved to be the most aggressive challengers to Smith’s place out front, each rider spending time in the lead as riders swapped position through nearly every turn. Smith never let anyone hold the number-one spot for long though, quickly answering any challenge with a re-pass. As the race reached the latter stages Smith kept steady, closing off passing opportunities to the final lap. Johnson and Mees pushed up close to Smith’s rear tire down the final straight, hoping for a draft pass before the line, but fell just short as Smith rode home to victory.

“It wasn’t sure to me, it was a dogfight,” said Smith. “Jake and Jared were right there the whole time. The way the track was, it made it so no one could really jump out there. … It was a scrap the whole race, it felt like to me. I was just as little looser in the corners than them guys, and, luckily, I was able to hold onto it.

“It’ll probably set in more when I get home with my buddy Scotty Parker that I just beat out for the record. It’s a dream come true to come here four times in a row and win. This year was definitely the toughest, it felt like to me. Hopefully we can come back and do it again next year and make five.”

Robinson came across the line in fourth, losing just the slightest bit of ground on the front runners near the end after challenging for the lead early on. Coolbeth, too, was in contention for the win during the initial stages but dropped back to fifth by the finish. Harley-Davidson’s Brad Baker took sixth followed by South East H-D’s Sammy Halbert in seventh and Coolbeth’s teammate, Stevie Bonsey, in eighth.

Smith’s record-breaking win also moves him to the top of the GNC Combined points tally for 2014, two ahead of former leader, Mees. Johnson sits third, eight points adrift of the leader, followed by Coolbeth in fourth and Halbert in fifth.

AMA Pro Flat Track GNC Expert Twins Sacramento Mile Results 2014
1. Bryan Smith (Kawasaki)
2. Jake Johnson (Kawasaki)
3. Jared Mees (Harley-Davidson)
4. Brandon Robinson (Kawasaki)
5. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (Harley-Davidson)
6. Brad Baker (Harley-Davidson)
7. Sammy Halbert (Harley-Davidson)
8. Stevie Bonsey (Harley-Davidson)
9. Briar Bauman (Harley-Davidson)
10. Cory Texter (Kawasaki)
11. Robert Pearson (Kawasaki)
12. Doug Lawrence (Harley-Davidson)
13. Nichole Mees (Harley-Davidson)
14. Wyatt Maguire (Suzuki)
15. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (BMW)
16. Cody Johncox (Harley-Davidson)
17. Jake Shoemaker (Kawasaki)
18. Henry Wiles (Kawasaki)

Pro Singles

Parkinson Brothers Racing’s Kyle Johnson notched his fourth AMA Pro Singles win of the year at the Sacramento Mile, beating TJ Burnett Farms’ Davis Fisher after a late-race charge up the ranks. Southland Racing’s Nick Armstrong rounded out the podium.

Fisher throttled to the front of the start and quickly opened a gap on the field, running for most of the race over one second ahead of the battle for the runner-up spot. Motorcycle Superstore’s Dominic Colindres waged battle with Armstrong for second as Fisher pulled away. Further back, Johnson and Rod Lake Racing’s Bronson Bauman held to fourth and fifth.
Positions changed hands many times throughout the 12-lap race, but mid-way through Johnson found some extra juice.

He got in the mix with Colindres and Armstrong for a period but on Lap 8 made a move past both riders that stuck. Fisher was still over one second ahead but Johnson quickly closed that gap, settling in behind the leader with two laps remaining. Johnson and Fisher went back and forth during the final laps and battled to the line, with Johnson pulling ahead by a mere 0.025 seconds for the win.

“Davis was out front good, and the last couple of laps I was able to reel him in,” said Johnson. “I knew I had had to push it, and I drove past him. That last lap, in (turns) one and two, and three and four, I knew I had to push it, make the corner perfect, otherwise Davis was going to go back past me.”

Colindres took fourth, his best finish so far this season, followed by Wilhelm Racing’s Brandon Wilhelm in fifth and KTM’s Ryan Wells in sixth. Johnny’s Vintage Motorcycle’s Jarod Vanderkooi took seventh trailed by Bauman in eighth and Bromley Brothers KTM Racing’s Dan Bromley in ninth.

Johnson retains the Pro Singles points lead, with Fisher trailing just three points back in second. Wells sits third followed by Wilhelm in fourth and Bauman in fifth.

AMA Pro Flat Track Pro Singles Sacramento Mile Results 2014
1. Kyle Johnson (Honda)
2. Davis Fisher (Honda)
3. Nick Armstrong (Honda)
4. Dominic Colindres (Honda)
5. Brandon Wilhelm (Honda)
6. Ryan Wells (KTM)
7. Jarod Vanderkooi (Honda)
8. Bronson Bauman (Honda)
9. Dan Bromley (KTM)
10. Ryan Foster (Honda)
11. James Monaco (Honda)
12. Kolby Carlile (KTM)
13. Jesse Sanchez (Honda)
14. Chris Corbari (Honda)
15. Jacob Lehmann (Honda)
16. Cole Crowley (Honda)
17. Cole Frederickson (Honda)
18. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Honda)


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