AMA SuperSport Mid-Ohio Race 2 Results 2014

July 20, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Houston Superbikes’ Dustin Dominguez made it a double with his win in AMA Pro SuperSport Race 2 at Mid-Ohio, beating TOBC Racing’s Hayden Gillim by 3.5 seconds at the line. Excel Racing’s Conner Blevins finished the contest in third.

The points leader heading into the round, Celtic Racing’s Corey Alexander, lost the chance to compete in Race 2 when a brake line issue forced him to pull off of the grid just before the start. He was unable to get his machine repaired in time to join the action. Those still on the grid watched Dominguez tear away from the pack in the opening turns, followed closely by Gillim and Blevins.

Dominguez and Gillim immediately began to distance themselves from Blevins, who kept the front runners in sight for a while but could not make up the ground to join the fight for the top-step. Gillim trailed Dominguez through all 11 laps, staying well within striking distance of the Yamaha rider, but never finding the line to the front. A few bobbles here and there gave Dominguez a little breathing room during the latter stages of the event, but on the final lap Gillim had closed in once again. Gilliam tried a hard move inside, bumping Dominguez in the process but Dominguez remained steady as a brick wall, not allowing himself to run wide and forcing Gillim to pull up slightly to avoid a crash.

De Keyrel Racing’s Kaleb De Keyrel finished in fourth followed by Alexander’s teammate, Wyatt Farris, in fifth. Tuned Industries’ Jason Aguilar took sixth ahead of Merck Factory Racing’s Jimmy Merck in seventh and House of Paint Designs’ JC Camacho in eighth.

Gillim retains a slight lead in the series, just three points ahead of Dominguez in second. Farris is third followed by Alexander in fourth and De Keyrel in fifth.

AMA Pro SuperSport Mid-Ohio Race 2 Results 2014
1. Dustin Dominguez (Yamaha)
2. Hayden Gillim (Suzuki)
3. Conner Blevins (Kawasaki)
4. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yamaha)
5. Wyatt Farris (Suzuki)
6. Jason Aguilar (Yamaha)
7. Jimmy Merck (Suzuki)
8. JC Camacho (Yamaha)
9. Cody Wyman (Suzuki)
10. Frankie Gillim III (Yamaha)
11. Curtis Murray (Suzuki)
12. Nick McFadden (Suzuki)
13. Gabe Oldfield (Yamaha)
14. Ryan Christian (Yamaha)
15. Caroline Olson (Yamaha)

AMA Pro SuperSport Championship Points 2014
1. Hayden Gillim, 191
2. Dustin Dominguez, 189
3. Wyatt Farris, 144
4. Corey Alexander, 141
5. Kaleb De Keyrel, 125
6. Jason Aguilar, 110
7. JC Camacho, 99
8. Cody Wyman, 93
9. Conner Blevins, 83
10. Curtis Murray, 62