BMW Announces ABS Pro for HP4

July 21, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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An ABS system has been offered on BMW’s S1000RR since its introduction in 2009, a feature that helped earn the liter-bike top marks in MotoUSA comparison tests in terms of 60-0 mph stopping distance in 2010 and 2011. For 2013 BMW upped the ante with its HP4 version of the S1000RR, which came with an ABS system “recoded with settings from the Bavarian marque’s participation in its National IDM Superbike racing series.” Recent news indicates the company is stepping-up its ABS game once again with a new ABS Pro option, touted as being the “first ever cornering ABS for (a) supersports bike.”

ABS Pro will only be available as a retro-fit option for the HP4, initially, and can be picked-up through BMW Motorrad dealerships. Here’s how BMW explains the functioning of ABS Pro in a company press release:

Technically speaking, ABS Pro adapts ABS control to the motorcycle’s banking angle depending on the current situation on the road. In order to determine the bike’s banking angle, the system draws on the signals for roll rate, yaw rate and transverse acceleration as provided by the sensor cluster – which are already used for Dynamic Traction Control DTC and for the electronic suspension DDC Dynamic Damping Control.

As the banking angle increases, the brake pressure gradient is limited more and more at the start of the brake maneuver. This means that the pressure build-up is slower. In addition to this, pressure modulation within the ABS control range is more even. The benefits of ABS Pro to the rider are a sensitive response and a high level of brake and ride stability together with the best possible deceleration on bends.

The influence exerted by ABS control will depend on the riding mode configured. ABS Pro is available to its full extent in the modes “Rain” and “Sport.” During the pre-ride check, the display “ABS Pro” in the instrument panel in conjunction with the modes “Rain” and “Sport” indicates to the rider that the ABS Pro function is available. By contrast, the “Race” and “Slick” modes for very sporty, experienced riders do not support the ABS Pro function since it is deliberately designed to be used on roads.

BMW goes on to state that a primary reason behind developing the system is to improve safety while addressing unforeseen hazards riders may come upon mid-corner.

The ABS Pro system follows on the heels of a similar announcement from KTM almost one year ago regarding its Motorcycle Stability Control system, developed in conjunction with BOSCH. KTM included the MSC upgrade standard on its 2014 1190 Adventure and as a retrofit option for the 2013 Adventure and Adventure R models.

BMW will make its ABS Pro retrofit available at the end of October 2014, with a price tag of 380 EUR (about $514 at the writing of this article).