BMW Updates 2015 Models Including GS

July 11, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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BMW Motorrad has confirmed the return of dozen models to its 2015 lineup. Most of the 2015 bikes are simple carryovers, with only colorways changing for the new model year. However, the Bavarian marque has made a notable update to the R1200GS, which will now utilize the heavier crankshaft of its GS Adventure sibling. BMW also announced a new special edition version called the K1300S Motorsport.

Uniform Boxer Twin for 2015 R1200GS, GSA & RT

The most significant news in the BMW update is for its flagship R1200GS, which will receive the heavier crankshaft that debuted on the 2014 R1200GS Adventure and R1200RT models. On the GSA the two pounds-heavier crank added 20% more rotational inertia, with a corresponding increase in flywheel effect. During our R1200GS Adventure First Ride evaluation earlier this year, we found the heavier flywheel mass made a noticeable difference, particularly at low-speed and off-road.

Both the R1200GS and GS Adventure will offer Shift Assistant Pro as an option in 2015. This feature, which debuted on the 2014 R1200RT, is a quickshifter that allows clutchless upshifts during acceleration. The BMW system also features clutchless downshifts, during closed throttle. This is another feature we evaluated during our 2014 BMW R1200RT First Ride, finding it a convenient, if unnecessary, addition.

The GS Adventure, which features a taller seat height and suspension than the regular GS, will offer a 50mm (2 inch) lower suspension and a lower seat option for 2015. All three R1200 models will offer Keyless Ride as an option, a transponder system that allows the rider to keep the key in their clothing and still start the bike.

New color options are available as well, with requisite evocative color names. The GS gets Alpine white, Frozen dark blue metallic and Black storm metallic, while the RT gets a two-tone San Marino blue metallic with Granite grey metallic matte.

New Special Model K1300S Motorsport

BMW’s K series showcases the Inline Six K1600 models, but the Inline Four K1300 is still alive and kicking, for now. In 2015 BMW releases an up-spec version with its K1300S Motorsport. Built off the existing K1300S platform, the Motorsport edition upgrades are HP wheels and Akrapovic exhaust, as well as HP footrests. It also sports a flashier multi-color paint scheme: black and white interspersed with blue and red highlights. In other news on the K1300 front, it appears that Europe, at least, will continue to get the K1300R roadster, which has long been absent from the US lineup.

More Options for K1600GT Models

The 2015 K1600GT and GTL models will incorporate BMW’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as a standard feature. The top-shelf touring platforms will also get more options, including the aforementioned Keyless Ride System. The GT/GTL also offer a Daytime running light and Hill Start Control as options. The latter system, which debuted on the 2014 RT, holds the bike on inclines as a convenience for riders. It engages when riders squeeze the brakes in the incline – allowing the rider to work just the clutch and throttle – then disengages once the rider is back up at speed. New colors offered include: Black storm metallic (GT and GTL), Glacier silver metallic (GTL) and Light white (GT).

BNG for F700/800 Series

The only changes for BMW’s F series are in graphics: F700GS gets Alpine white, Black storm metallic/Racing red and Racing blue metallic; F800GS Light white/Black storm metallic and Racing red; F800GS Adventure Alpine white 3 and Kalamata metallic matte; and F800GT Motego blue metallic.

C evolution Scooter

BMW’s C evolution electric scooter model returns. Its only update for 2015 is an accessory comfort seat option, which can also be retrofitted to the previous model year.


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