Flying Eyes Sunglasses for Motorcyclists

July 14, 2014
Courtesy of Summer Hawk Optics, Inc.
Flying Eyes Sunglasses now include a 1mm, super thin set of temples along with the standard temples and strap system. These new temples make Flying Eyes even easier to wear under a headset, and they are becoming the ultimate glasses for helmet wearers, such as bikers and equestrians. Additionally, Flying Eyes now have an updated release mechanism that is extremely simple and effortless to switch between all of these options.

To bring these new sunglasses to market quickly, Summer Hawk Optics has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. A limited number of these new sunglasses will be available on Indiegogo at a very low introductory price. Also available are a limited number of unique promotional items such as high quality t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and lens cleaning cloths. More information can be found at the Indiegogo page:

“Flying Eyes sunglasses are the result of company founder Dean Siracusa’s frustration with the lack of comfort in his own flying missions,” states Aviation Consumer Magazine. “He’s convinced his new templeless design is the ticket to increased comfort without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank. Based on our testing, we agree.”

With the new super thin temples, Flying Eyes has reached new markets including aviation ground crew, motorcyclists, EMT and firefighters, equestrian show jumpers, racing pit crews, and even surgeons in the operating room with their new clear bifocal lens option.

Additional Features of Flying Eyes Sunglasses include:
Flying Eyes sunglasses are still completely convertible. The original strap and cinch system means secure and comfortable use all day long. Plus, the strap is still interchangeable with the included standard temples for use when not riding. And now Flying Eyes includes a set of 1mm super thin temples which are also extremely comfortable under a helmet but can also be removed much quicker. Flying Eyes also now have an updated release mechanism that is extremely simple and easy to switch between all of these options.

Optically-correct, distortion-free, polycarbonate lenses are shatter and scratch resistant and provide clear viewing of the road. Lenses are available with or without polarization. Neutral gray tint allows viewing of the entire visible color spectrum while still offering UV400 sun protection, the best UV protection available. Additional options include full prescription lenses as well as non-prescription bifocal lenses.

Flying Eyes sunglasses include a ResilamideTM frame made from advanced polymers. They’re up to 20% lighter than other plastics and yet far more durable. Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for comfort in everyday wear. And, the form-fitting wrap of the frame and lenses means a very wide field of vision. It’s also resistant to high temperatures and blocks fading UV exposure.

About Summer Hawk Optics, Inc.
Summer Hawk Optics, Inc. is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 1999. The company is known for its innovations in many different markets. Dean Siracusa, President and Founder, has been an entrepreneur and pilot for many years and enjoys solving problems for everyday life.


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