Loretta Lynn Motocross – Wednesday 2014

July 31, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The second day of racing at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Nationals saw a broad mix of action on track, starting with the first motos of the 450 C and B classes, followed later by the young-guns in the 51 ranks. Opening the day, Yamaha rider Justin Boyd took a decisive victory over Kawasaki’s Aaron Leach in the 450 C division with Honda’s Blain Silveira rounding out the podium. The 450 B class came next and Yamaha’s Tristian Charboneau ran away with victory, leaving the battle for second-place to Salvatore Colangelo and Timmy Badour, the two riders swapping position a number of times early in the 10-lap contest. Colangelo gained the advantage during the latter portion of the race, but had Badour on his tail to the checkers with only a slim margin separating the two at the end.

A close battle was waged in the Senior (40+) category later in the morning, with Suzuki’s Tony Lorusso jumping from third to first on the final lap for the win. Kawasaki riders Scott Sheak and John Grewe led the way in the number one and two spots, respectively, through the latter portion of the race but all three were in close quarters throughout. The next race saw 450 A rider Christopher Alldredge take his Kawasaki to the top-step, beating KTM’s Daniel Baker by 16 seconds at the line. Yamaha’s Luke Renzland trailed in third. The 51 (7-8) class followed, kicking off a series of contests for the youngest riders in the event, with KTM’s Nicholas Romano securing the win. KTM rider Wyatt McGrath earned victory in the 51 (4-6) Special Limited class while Yamaha’s Lucas Amos grabbed the checkers in 51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited.

The afternoon saw the start of the second Motos, highlighted by the return of the Open Pro Sport class. Honda’s RJ Hampshire, winner of Moto 1, pulled out his second-consecutive victory in the division, holding off a race-long challenge from Kawasaki’s Colt Nichols in second. Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger notched third.

The top-three finishers from each class in Wednesday’s action are included below.

51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited Moto 1
1. Lucas Amos (Yamaha)
2. Aiden Eyler (Yamaha)
3. Jeremy Harrison (Yamaha)

250 C Moto 1
1. Draken Jaynes (Kawasaki)
2. Jean Bujold (Suzuki)
3. Nicolas Rolando (Suzuki)

College B/C (16-24) Moto 2
1. Stone Edler (Honda)
2. Ashton Hayes (Suzuki)
3. Josiah Hempen (Yamaha)

Junior (25+) Moto 2
1. Ricky Renner (KTM)
2. James Povolny Jr. (KTM)
3. Michael McDade (Kawasaki)

Mini Sr 2 (12-14) Moto 2
1. Garrett Marchbanks (Kawasaki)
2. Chase Sexton (Yamaha)
3. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

85 (9-11) Limited Moto 2
1. Pierce Brown (KTM)
2. Stilez Robertson (Kawasaki)
3. Jace Kessler (Kawasaki)

Vet (35+) Moto 2
1. Robbie Reynard (Yamaha)
2. James Povolny Jr. (KTM)
3. Tony Lorusso (Suzuki)

Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C Moto 2
1. Rookie White (Kawasaki)
2. Mark Worth (Kawasaki)
3. Jake Masterpool (Yamaha)

Open Pro Sport Moto 2
1. RJ Hampshire (Honda)
2. Colt Nichols (Kawasaki)
3. Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha)

65 (10-11) Limited Moto 2
1. Joshua Varize (KTM)
2. Preston Kilroy (KTM)
3. Jeremy Ryan (KTM)

65 (7-9) Limited Moto 2
1. Jett Reynolds (Kawasaki)
2. Caden Braswell (KTM)
3. Jordan Biese (KTM)

450 C Moto 1
1. Justin Boyd (Yamaha)
2. Aaron Leach (Kawasaki)
3. Blain Silveira (Honda)

450 B Moto 1
1. Tristian Charboneau (Yamaha)
2. Salvatore Colangelo (Honda)
3. Timmy Badour (Honda)

Super Mini 2 (13-16) Moto 1
1. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki)
2. Sean Cantrell (Kawasaki)
3. Jordan Bailey (KTM)

65 (7-11) Moto 1
1. Joshua Varize (KTM)
2. Jett Reynolds (Kawasaki)
3. Maximus Vohland (KTM)

250 C Limited Moto 1
1. Cole Conatser (KTM)
2. Braden O’Neal (Honda)
3. Reg Magyar (Honda)

250 B Limited Moto 1
1. Bradley Taft (Yamaha)
2. Ryan Surratt (Yamaha)
3. Alexander Frye (KTM)

Senior (40+) Moto 1
1. Tony Lorusso (Suzuki)
2. Scott Sheak (Kawasaki)
3. John Grewe (Kawasaki)

450 A Moto 1
1. Christopher Alldredge (Kawasaki)
2. Daniel Baker (KTM)
3. Luke Renzland (Yamaha)

51 (7-8) Limited Moto 1
1. Nicholas Romano (KTM)
2. Jordan Torres (Cobra)
3. Ryder McNabb (Cobra)

51 (4-6) Limited Moto 1
1. Kace Evans (Cobra)
2. Hayden Cline (Yamaha)
3. Mason Dixon (Cobra)

51 (4-6) Special Limited Moto 1
1. Wyatt McGrath (KTM)
2. Braxton Black (KTM)
3. McClellan Fedelini (KTM)


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