Ronax 500 2-Stroke Sportbike Now Available

July 10, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Ronax unveiled its 500 2-stroke limited production bike in early June 2014, and the German firm has since released more information on the unique design – not the least of which is MSRP. As expected it’s a pricy item. Base rate is 100,000 EUR, not including international shipping or the 19% value added tax. At the writing of this article, the purchase price alone translates to around $136,500. Manufacturing starts when a unit is ordered and 30% advance payment plus tax is required at the signing of the contract. Build time is estimated to be a minimum of six months.

If you do happen to have the dough, you’ll be the proud owner of an 80-degree V-Four 2-stroke. The engine displaces 499cc from its 54mm bore and 54.5mm stroke. The outer body of the engine is made from milled aluminum and internally it spins two counter-rotating crankshafts. Ronax claims 160 horsepower at 11,500 rpm. It sports two engine maps, sport and rain, while a six-gear cassette gearbox and wet multi-disc clutch transfer energy to the rear wheel.

Chassis-wise the Ronax 500 comes with a CNC-built aluminum frame with fully-adjustable steering head and aluminum swingarm. Suspension and steering damping components come from Ohlins, with a 48mm fork and TTX shock. Radial-mount Brembo Monobloc, four-piston calipers grip a 320mm floating disc out front with a two piston Brembo unit and 210mm disc out back. Wheels are 17-inch, forged aluminum and Ronax claims a dry weight of 319.7 pounds (145 kg).
The 2-stroke Ronax 500’s feather-light aspect is also thanks to the pervasive use of carbon fiber, which comprises the tank, fairings, tail and air box. The upper and lower triple clamp are CNC milled aluminum as are the brake and shift levers.

The most seductive element of the unobtanium GP homage is that it is ostensibly street legal (in some corners of the world at least) and comes with all road-going necessities, such as indicator lights, rear-view mirrors and brake lights.
Only 46 of these beauties are going to be made, so now’s the time to act if there’s a place in your garage for a Ronax 500 (cue collective gearhead sighs…).

Check out the video below to see the bike in action, and hear the scream of that lovely 2-stroke engine.