Speed and Strength Full Battle Rattle for 2015

July 22, 2014
Courtesy of Speed and Strength
Dan Courtney, president of Tucker Rocky Distributing, Fort Worth, Texas, is pleased to announce the 2015 Speed and Strength lineup. “As the fastest growing street motorcycle brand in North America, Speed and Strength continues to raise the bar with the 2015 ‘Full Battle Rattle’ collection,” says Courtney.

“Speed and Strength continued to experienced tremendous growth this past year and we’re looking to capitalize on that with the new ‘Full Battle Rattle™’ collection,” says Bruce Parker, President of Parker Synergies. “This is our strongest, most competitive lineup to date.”

The ‘Full Battle Rattle’ line includes new helmet and jacket designs as well as quality protective boots and gloves for the serious street and sport rider.

The ‘Rust and Redemption’ collection has Speed and Strength making a push towards the vintage motorcycle segment with helmets, jackets and gloves that combine classic American style with modern technology.

Speed and Strength® is also continuing to expand it’s popular co-branded initiatives by offering SS2400 adult and SS2300 youth offroad helmets for both the TapouT Moto and Dogs of War lines.

Look for the 2015 Speed and Strength Collection to launch Saturday, July 26th at the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show in Fort Worth, Texas and online at www.ssgear.com.

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