Spied: 2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trike

July 2, 2014
Bryan Harley
By Bryan Harley
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Harley-Davidson continues to keep its name in the headlines, this time with spy photos revealing a new trike with a more aggressive look than the brands current Tri Glide Ultra.

According to KGP Spy Photography, providers of the photos, “last year Harley trademarked the term ‘Freewheeler’ specifically for a new three-wheeled model, so there’s got to be a strong possibility that’s the moniker it will carry when it’s officially unveiled later this year.”

Whereas the Tri Glide carries the full touring ensemble of Harley’s Tour-Pak topcase, plush passenger accommodations and a full front fairing, what we’ll call the 2015 Harley Freewheeler trike has been stripped down to be more of a solo rider, its front end more cruiser, less tourer. With its stout fork and headlight ensemble, you’d think a Fat Boy was behind if looking through a rear view mirror at first glance. A big front wheel is mounted between the thick chrome fork tubes, what looks to possibly be a 19-inch Enforcer Wheel off the 2014 Street Glide, the front’s dual disc arrangement comparable to the four-piston Brembo system the Glide runs as well.

The new Freewheeler three-wheeler sports Harley’s standard tank-mounted cruiser console, providing even more of a motorcycle feel. Below the tank resides a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine, Harley sticking to air-cooling instead of the Twin-Cooled system it revealed on last year’s Ultra Limited. We’re sure the big V-Twin will be paired with Harley’s proprietary Six-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission. Floorboards are provided for both rider and passenger, albeit the seating arrangement for the pillion looks fairly sparse.

The backside of Harley’s new trike looks like something out of the Lehman playbook, which runs a solid axle with hydraulic disc brakes. The Tri Glide uses a Hayes dual-disc assembly with a hand-actuated parking brake. The molded tail section features a small cargo area, capable of holding a few basic necessities. Both pipes exit off the right side of the engine before splitting as they disappear under the trike. The rear fenders are definitely All-Harley.

Our educated guess thinks the 2015 Freewheeler trike will be unveiled at Harley’s August dealer meeting. Though we can only speculate on price point, the 2014 Tri-Glide Ultra lists for $32,549.

2015 H-D Freewheeler Trike Spy Shots

If you saw Harleys new trike in the rear view of your car mirror you might mistake it for a Fat Boy. Whereas the Tri Glide is a hulking three-wheeled tourer  the 2015 Freewheeler is sportier and more solo-minded. With a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine and a beefy fork  the 2015 Harley Freewheeler should have plenty of power and better handling than the Tri Glide Ultra.
Our spy shot provider said last year Harley trademarked the term Freewheeler specifically for a new three-wheeled model  so theres got to be a strong possibility thats the moniker it will carry when its officially unveiled later this year. The back end of the 2015 Freewheeler looks like something out of the Lehman playbook. We expect Harley will introduce its new three-wheeler at its upcoming dealers meeting in August.