Test Ride the Energica Ego E-Superbike

July 8, 2014
Courtesy of Energica
Energica starts the year with great news: after the official launch of its first model, Ego at Eicma 2013, and the big debut of the only Italian leg on the world tour, Energica Motor Company start-up is continuing its plan to become a major player in manufacturing of electric motorcycles.

Energica Ego. This “proudly made-in-Modena” electric superbike is a mixture of technology and innovation. It can count on relevant technical partners beside being built with F1 technologies as 3D Printing process. Energica Ego can reach a top speed of 240 km/h and is equipped with Vehicle Control Unit and an innovative multi-map system for energy management. The 100 kW engine, the extraordinary 195 Nm torque and a characteristic whistling sound are what makes Energica Ego “the next big thing”.

In July Energica will turn its attention to the United States, the great homeland of sustainable transport. There are already countless American advocates of electric transport who have been able to choose sustainable vehicles without making compromises. Indeed, Energica has been called “the Tesla of motorcycles” by the American press!

The Energica Ego will head to the United States in July, when the international Where is my EGO Tour of test rides will stop off in three of the nation’s biggest cities.

The official dates are: San Francisco July 18th (with exclusive launch event on July 16th at Wingtip Club), Los Angeles July 20th and New York, NY (Bear Mountain) July 30th.

To find out more and apply to try out the electric superbike made in Italy, check out the test ride web page: http://www.energicasuperbike.com/where-is-my-ego-tour/.