Toni Bou Secures 60th Trial Win in Belgium

July 14, 2014
Courtesy of Repsol Media
Another success for Toni Bou, who secured his 60th victory of the Trial World Championship at Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium. A well-deserved triumph for the Repsol Honda rider who, after a first lap where he made some mistakes, was able to recover and gather points in an excellent second pass through the zones that help him secure his third victory of the season. Takahisa Fujinami finished in fourth place.

The rain fell intermittently, causing the mud to accumulate in some areas and making it even more complicated for the riders on the slippery stones and slopes of Comblain-au-Pont. Those conditions did not prevent Toni Bou from winning the Belgium Grand Prix and gather 20 more points in the overall standings, which allow him to increase by 4 points his margin over the second, Adam Raga.

The difficult conditions of the terrain benefitted Takahisa Fujinami as, although he had some difficulties in the first two laps, he was able to recover in the last pass, finishing the Belgian Grand Prix in fourth place. The Japanese rider of the Repsol Honda Team is fourth in the Championship’s overall standings.

The Repsol Honda Team will resume the action next weekend, July 19th and 20th, for the sixth round of the season: the British Grand Prix.

Toni Bou
“It wasn’t an easy victory. Today I didn’t do well in zone 3, which was easy, and I received a 5 I didn’t expect. It was difficult to set my pace and the first lap wasn’t very good. In the second I was able to improve a lot, and in the third, despite some trouble, I was able to keep the first place. That’s why I’m very happy with this win. The terrain wasn’t my favorite, with a lot of slippery mud, but that made the zones more difficult and, if you made a mistake, it was possible to recover.”

Takahisa Fujinami
“Finishing in fourth is not a great result, but I have to be satisfied with it. I did a very bad first lap, but in the second and third I felt very comfortable on the bike. Nevertheless, the riders in front were too far to catch them and I finished just out of the podium. But I’m happy because in previous rounds maybe I lacked a bit of confidence. I was able to improve and I felt well in the complicated zones.”


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