2014 Q2 Pushes Motorcycle Sales Up 2.6%

August 1, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Year-over-year motorcycle sales are up 2.6% through the first six months of 2014. The second quarter sales data, reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) lists 263,833 units sold from January to July – up 6773 units. Recovering from stagnant Q1 sales totals, every motorcycle segment in the MIC report improved their YOY tallies in the second quarter of 2014.


The On-Highway motorcycle segment is by far the largest category in the MIC report, represents all street-legal models save dual-sport/adventure bikes and scooters. In Q1 On-Highway sales were up 581 units, with 65,301 total. A stronger Q2, peak sales season, pushes the 2014 tally up to 186,694, and increase of 3062 units and 1.7% YOY.

Of the 121,393 On-Highway units sold in Q2, Harley-Davidson claims 58,225 of them based off its second quarter financials. The Motor Company retains its dominant market share position, though its Q2 U.S. sales total was actually down a nominal 16 units, which Harley blames on poor weather hampering sales and drop-off in Sportster sales as the company prepares to roll out its Street models.

As for H-D’s domestic rival, Polaris Industries appears to have gained some ground. The Minnesota-based company does not claim unit sales, only sales revenue in its financial statement, but reported Indian sales grew 50% in the second quarter – offsetting the single-digit decline of its Victory marque.


The Dual segment, which includes dual-sport and popular Adventure-Touring models, continues its growth trend. I builds of the modest 3.9% YOY increase in Q1 (the best performing segment that quarter) to register a 7.2% increase through Q2. A total of 20,033 Dual units have been sold through six months, a 1345 unit YOY increase.

The biggest Q2 reversal comes from the Off-Highway segment. Dirt bike sales have rebounded from 461 unit drop in Q1 to register a 6.4% increase through the second quarter. Off-Highway sales total 39,742 for the year, a 2393 unit increase

Scooters, the most mercurial industry segment, has also improved in Q2. While the 17,664 unit total through two quarters is a 27-unit YOY decrease, Scooter sales have improved from the 10.7% decline of Q1.


Once again, ATV sales remain virtually identical to last year’s numbers. A total of 107,283 ATV sales are reported by the MIC, a 587 unit (0.6%) increase YOY. The MIC does not report on UTV/Side-by-Side sales, the popular models having reportedly outperformed ATV sales in recent years.

MIC sales data is compiled by the reported sales of its member brands: Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, the Piaggio Group, Victory, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha.

  2014           2013           Change      %Change
DUAL  20,033 18,688 1345 7.2%
OFF-HWY  39,742 37,349 2393 6.4%
ON-HWY  186,394 183,332 3062 1.7%
SCOOTER  17,664 17,691 -27 -0.2%
TOTAL  263,833 257,060 6773 2.6%
ATV  107,283 106,686 597 0.6%


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