Indiana 250 Motocross Results 2014

August 16, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin took the 250 overall win at the Thor Indiana National, prevailing against tough, muddy conditions for a 3-1 result. Rockstar Energy Racing’s Joey Savatgy took his best result of the year in second with a 4-3 finish followed by Troy Lee Designs’ Jessy Nelson in third, going 1-8. The big news of the day is Yamalube Yamaha Star Racing’s Jeremy Martin, who sealed up the 2014 250 outdoor Nationals title after his second-place finish in Moto 1.

Moto 1

Nelson took his first pro moto win in Indiana while Martin secured his first ever title. Musquin rounded out the podium.

Nelson benefitted from a great start which put him ahead of the field and flying mud through the opening turns. Martin trailed in second while GEICO Honda’s Zach Bell settled into third. Martin kept within sight of Nelson during the initial stages, but never came within reach of challenging for the lead. Bell faced pressure from Musquin early on, with the KTM rider passing into podium position during the opening laps.

Martin’s primary rival for the title, Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett, lost significant ground with an off early on, his bike getting stuck in the mud and setting him well outside the top-10. Valli Yamaha’s Christophe Pourcel slipped almost to the back of the pack too, taking an early pit stop where he got a fresh set of goggles. Pourcel managed to battle back to finish ninth while Baggett salvaged some points in 14th.

Rockstar Energy Racing’s Joey Savatgy took fourth followed by his teammate, Jason Anderson, in fifth. Martin’s teammate, Cooper Webb, who also had a chance of challenging for the title at the start of the moto, finished sixth.’s Alex Martin took seventh followed by Baggett’s teammate, Dean Wilson, in eighth.

Moto 2

Musquin notched the Moto 2 win followed by Pourcel in second and Savatgy in third.

Nelson was eager to stage a repeat of his Moto 1 performance, ripping the holeshot and taking the early lead. He managed to hold there for a number of minutes before suffering a brief off. He kept the clutch pulled in and was able to hop back on the bike quickly, but Savatgy closed-in and started hounding the Troy Lee Designs rider for the lead. A few turns after Nelson’s incident, Savatgy made his move to the front.

Behind, Musquin and Pourcel were closing in on the leaders from third and fourth. The two French riders went back and forth amongst themselves during the initial stages but Musquin proved to have a little more in the tank, driving up the ranks quicker than the Yamaha rider for the advantage. Savatagy held off pressure from Pourcel until the last minutes of the moto, but then Pourcel got ahead of the KTM rider. The final laps saw Pourcel close up on Musquin as well, but he was unable to make a pass for the lead before the checkers.

Baggett got a much better start in Moto 2 but was unable to challenge for a podium spot, finishing fourth. Webb took fifth with Wilson trailing in sixth and Alex Martin in seventh. Nelson dropped back to eighth followed by GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle in ninth and Anderson in 10th. With this year’s title all sealed up, Jeremy Martin coasted through the moto, finishing 15th.

Indiana 250 Motocross Results 2014
1. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 3-1
2. Joey Savatgy (KTM) 4-3
3. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 1-8
4. Christophe Pourcel (Yamaha) 9-2
5. Cooper Webb (Yamaha) 6-5
6. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki) 8-6
7. Alex Martin (Yamaha) 7-7
8. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha) 2-15
9. Jason Anderson (KTM) 5-10
10. Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) 14-4
11. Justin Bogle (Honda) 12-9
12. Cole Seely (Honda) 10-13
13. Shane McElrath (Honda) 15-11
14. Christopher Alldredge (Kawasaki) 16-12
15. Nick Gaines (Kawasaki) 11-30

250 Motocross Championship Points 2014
1. Jeremy Martin, 450
2. Blake Baggett, 381
3. Cooper Webb, 379
4. Marvin Musquin, 374
5. Christophe Pourcel, 355
6. Justin Bogle, 331
7. Jason Anderson, 270
8. Cole Seely, 244
9. Jessy Nelson, 238
10. Dean Wilson, 204


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