KTM Confirms 1290 Super Adventure

August 20, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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KTM has confirmed a new model for its 2015 lineup with the 1290 Super Adventure. The Austrian marque has released one teaser pic, and limited information. The full spec details for the 1290 are forthcoming, pending its official launch at the INTERMOT show on September 30.


A brief press release announcing the 1290 Super Adventure bills the new model as “the absolute pinnacle of luxury sport-touring riding.” The new mount is based off this year’s 1190 Adventure, but adds displacement and fuel capacity – the latter from an “incredibly large fuel tank” to use KTM’s PR verbiage.

Presumably, the engine upgrade is similar to the 1290 Super Duke R, which boosted displacement of the LC8 V-Twin to 1301cc via 2mm longer stroke (108mm) and 3mm larger bore (71mm). While not identifying the exact engine upgrades, KTM’s Super Adventure PR does promise an increase and power and torque from the extra displacement. On that note, the 1290 Duke belted out an exhilarating 150.7 rear wheel horsepower and 92.4 lb-ft of torque on the MotoUSA dyno. That should put the Sport in sport-touring…

KTM also touts the up-spec Super Adventure will showcase the sophisticated electronics package developed for its 1190 Adventure models, including the Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system, ABS and traction control, which all work in tandem with the electronically-adjustable suspension damping. KTM also hints that this Super Adventure “will feature further absolutely unique electronically supported riding assistance equipment.”

So there’s a big tease and nice pic from KaTooM that will have to hold us over until the INTERMOT show. 

KTM-Adventure-1190-First-Ride 2014-KTM-1290-Super-Duke-R-Comparison 2014-KTM-1290-Super-Duke-R-Review