Loretta Lynn Motocross – Thursday 2014

August 2, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Thursday’s action at Loretta Lynn’s 2014 Amateur Motocross Nationals was filled with second motos for the bulk of the classes. Honda’s RJ Hampshire maintained a perfect record in the 250 A class in the morning, rocketing to the front off the start and holding there without a challenge to the finish. Yamaha’s Luke Renzland battled with Hampshire’s teammate, Jordan Smith, for the number two-spot, with Renzland gaining the upper hand mid-race. The pressure on Renzland subsided during the latter portion when Smith crashed out of competition. Further back, Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger climbed up the ranks from 10th on the opening lap to finish third.

The Women (14+) class raced in the morning as well, with Kaitlyn Morrow upsetting Mackenzie Tricker’s bid for a second-straight win in the division. Tricker was strong at the start, gaining the lead through Lap 1 and holding there until the final two laps of the race. Morrow, on the other hand, lapped back in fifth during the initial rotation, battling up to second on Lap 2 where she faced an 11 second gap to the leader. Morrow slowly chipped away at the lead and on Lap 9 of 10 set the fastest lap of the race and took the lead. She kept the throttle pinned to the finish, building a gap of her own to more than 12 seconds on Tricker. Brandy Richards slotted into third on Lap 2 and held there to the checkers.

Prior to the intermission, the 51s took to the track, with KTM’s Wyatt McGrath taking his second straight win in 51 (4-6) Special Limited and Nicholas Romano doing the same in 51 (7-8) Limited.

Following the break, the Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) class got to business, with Kawasaki’s Garrett Marchbanks grabbing his second-consecutive victory in the class. Husqvarna’s Jake Swoll put in a commendable performance as he tried to slow the Kawasaki rider’s momentum, grabbing the early lead and holding there until Lap 8. Marchbanks made his way up the ranks from fifth early on and took a number of laps to close in on Swoll, but eventually made the pass and finished more than 10 seconds ahead. KTM’s Brock Papi rounded out the podium.

Yamaha riders Tristan Charboneau and Justin Boyd each took their second-straight wins in the 450 B and 450 C classes, respectively, while in the 450 A class Luke Renzland notched his first victory in the division this year.

Full top-three results from Thursday’s races at Loretta Lynn’s are included below.

51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited Moto 2
1. Limay Rivera (Yamaha)
2. Aiden Eyler (Yamaha)
3. Holland Purser (Yamaha)

Mini Sr 1 (12-13) Moto 2
1. Garrett Marchbanks (Kawasaki)
2. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)
3. Brock Papi (KTM)

Vet B/C (30+) Moto 2
1. Reid Edwards (Kawasaki)
2. Chad Murphy (Kawasaki)
3. Matt Preslar (Kawasaki)

Girls Sr (12-16) Moto 2
1. Hannah Hodges (Suzuki)
2. Danielle Grigoletti (Yamaha)
3. Gracie Van Horn (Kawasaki)

Girls Jr (9-13) Moto 2
1. Jordan Jarvis (Yamaha)
2. Jazzmyn Canfield (KTM)
3. Jamie Astudillo (KTM)

Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C Moto 2
1. Jon Ames (Yamaha)
2. Luke Purther (KTM)
3. Jake Masterpool (Yamaha)

450 C Moto 2
1. Justin Boyd (Yamaha)
2. Blaine Silveira (Honda)
3. Kyle Murphy (Kawasaki)

450 B Moto 2
1. Tristan Charboneau (Yamaha)
2. Josh Bartosh (Honda)
3. Chris Corsi (Kawasaki)

Super Mini 2 (13-16) Moto 2
1. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki)
2. Sean Cantrell (Kawasaki)
3. Maxwell Markolf (KTM)

450 A Moto 2
1. Luke Renzland (Yamaha)
2. Nick Gaines (Kawasaki)
3. Christopher Alldredge (Kawasaki)

65 (7-11) Moto 2
1. Jett Reynolds (Kawasaki)
2. Jacob Piccolo (KTM)
3. Hunter Cross (Yamaha)

250 C Limited Moto 2
1. Francisco Urrutia (KTM)
2. Cole Conatser (KTM)
3. Braden O’Neal (Honda)

450 B Limited (Moto 2)
1. Benny Bloss (Yamaha)
2. Lorenzo Locurcio (Yamaha)
3. Henry Miller (Yamaha)

Super Mini 1 (12-15) (Moto 2)
1. Mitchell Falk (KTM)
2. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki)
3. Sean Cantrell (Kawasaki)

85 (9-11) Moto 2
1. Stilez Robertson (Kawasaki)
2. Ethan Mann (KTM)
3. Joe Shimoda (KTM)

Two Stroke B/C (16+) Moto 2
1. Carlen Gardner (Yamaha)
2. Timmy Badour (KTM)
3. Casey Brennan (Yamaha)

Senior (45+) Moto 2
1. John Grewe (Kawasaki)
2. Tampas Parker (KTM)
3. Barry Carsten (Suzuki)

Masters (50+) Moto 2
1. Earl May (Kawasaki)
2. Rodney Smith (Suzuki)
3. Raymond Niebel (Kawasaki)

Women (14+) Moto 2
1. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yamaha)
2. Mackenzie Tricker (Yamaha)
3. Brandy Richards (Kawasaki)

250 B Moto 2
1. Tristan Charboneau (Yamaha)
2. Alexander Frye (KTM)
3. Lorenzo Locurcio (Yamaha)

250 A Moto 2
1. RJ Hampshire (Honda)
2. Luke Renzland (Yamaha)
3. Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha)

51 (7-8) Limited Moto 2
1. Nicholas Romano (KTM)
2. Krystian Janik (Cobra)
3. Noah Geyer (Cobra)

51 (4-6) Limited Moto 2
1. Jaden Palmer (Cobra)
2. Kace Evans (Cobra)
3. Sabastien Friesen (Cobra)

51 (4-6) Special Limited Moto 2
1. Wyatt McGrath (KTM)
2. Gavin Brumfield (KTM)
3. Austin Schafer (KTM)


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