Penton Film Selected for NYC Film Festival

August 22, 2014
Courtesy of Resmarket
In it’s first official film festival appearance, PENTON: The John Penton Story (TJPS) has been named an official selection to be screened at the Motorcycle Film Festival (MFF) in New York City that takes place on Sep 24-27 of 2014. While the film’s producers don’t know if it has won any awards yet, they are just happy to make the selection and have the film screened as the last film of the festival on Saturday night in Brooklyn at The Gutter Theatre.

“It is great to be officially selected for this truly unique and core film festival that the Penton film speaks to,” said Todd Huffman, the film’s director and producer at Pipeline Digital Media (PDM). “I’m looking forward to seeing all the other films as well and share in everyone’s creative endeavors.”

The judges for the MFF had to view hundreds of entries from talented filmmakers from all over the world to narrow down their official selections in categories such as shorts, narrative and documentaries. TJPS was entered as a “Feature Length Documentary”. All finalists will be screened at The Gutter Theatre in Brooklyn, NY between September 24th through the 26th.

“We were so thrilled when heard the judges had chosen Penton for screening! It’s an incredible story that needs to be told about a man who completely changed motorcycling as we know it. I had no idea how indebted the entire world of modern off-road motorcycling is to John Penton,” said Jack Drury, Co-Founder of The Motorcycle Film Festival. “A definite must see movie for anyone who’s ever dreamed of dirt.”

This screening at the MFF will coincide with sold out screenings of the film that have been taking place in cities across the country and will continue to do so into the fall and winter of 2014-2015. Motorcycle dealers, clubs and passionate enthusiasts have all been involved in bringing John Penton’s unbelievable story to their hometown with Gathr Film’s unique “Theatrical On Demand” system.

About the film PENTON: The John Penton Story
The John Penton Story is a feature length documentary narrated by Grammy Winner Lyle Lovett with over 100 interviews of the largest cast of motorcycle legends ever assembled on film. The film’s production was funded through the innovative “crowd funding” website and was released June 23, 2014 by Gathr Films in Los Angeles.

About The Motorcycle Film Festival
The festival is in it’s second year and was conceived in New York City by a group of motorcyclists and independent filmmakers. The goal is to provide a home for motorcycle films from around the world and to give moto and film enthusiasts a reason to gather, discuss and celebrate our favorite subject. For more info and tickets to this year’s festival visit: