Product Peek: Soundwrap Headphones

August 13, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Kyle Rawson started his company, Syphon Sound, after picking-up snowboarding and hating all-day ear-bud discomfort. Around the same time he also learned about new audio technology that allowed for the creation of ultra-thin, flexible speakers that still produce quality sound. Some designing, testing, Kickstarter campaigning and collaboration brought the Soundwrap to life, a 1/10” thick headphone alternative to traditional over-the-ear speakers and ear-buds.

Sound is delivered via two Electrostatic Flexible Loudspeakers, which are housed in a sweat-proof sleeve. The sleeve portion wraps around the head in whatever configuration works best for the user, in the case of a motorcyclist for example, it can be secured inside the helmet to wrap around the back of the head. Velcro backing keeps Soundwrap securely in place.

The system connects to a Bluetooth box that can be synced to your favorite Bluetooth-enabled device. MP3 and other music players without Bluetooth can be connected to the box using a standard cord. There’s a quick-connect/disconnect port which connects the Soundwrap to the Bluetooth box, ensuring helmet removal is unencumbered by a tangle of cords. According to the Syphon Sound website at the writing of this article, Soundwrap is still in the pre-order stage, with an expected ship date of November 1, 2014. MSRP is listed at $179.00. 

Rawson made the video below to better explain how Soundwrap works. It looks like a cool product and we’ll be sure to post a full review once we’ve had the chance to put it through its paces, so stay tuned.


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