Unadilla 450 Motocross Results 2014

August 9, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey took the overall victory at Unadilla going 1-2, cutting his gap on points leader and teammate Ken Roczen by half. Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Trey Canard finished second overall, taking fourth in Moto 1 followed by a win in Moto 2. GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac rounds out the day’s podium with a 3-3 performance.

Moto 1

Dungey kept his title hopes alive with a win in Moto 1, beating teammate Roczen by over eight seconds at the checkers. Tomac rounded out the podium, finishing well behind the front runners.

JGRMX Yamaha’s Justin Brayton and Phil Nicoletti throttled hard off the start, taking the number one and two spots through the opening turns. Dungey trailed close behind in third with BTO Sports’ Andrew Short following in fourth. The 2012 Nationals champ started to push his way to the front early, keen to get to the lead and stretch a gap. He picked-off Nicoletti in short order and then got Brayton soon after, taking the front within the opening laps.

Roczen, meanwhile, was fighting up the ranks, settling into third behind Brayton as Dungey grew his advantage. A smooth inside/outside move shot the German easily past Brayton, but Dungey had already put a number of bike lengths between himself and the field.

Further back, Tomac was making up ground as well, securing the final podium position during the initial stages. Dungey, Roczen and Tomac paced within sight of one another for much of the first half of the race, but during the latter stages Dungey and Roczen pulled well away from Tomac. Dungey built some space of his own on the current points leader, coasting home unchallenged for his third-straight moto win.

Canard lapped outside the top-five during the opening laps, but fought past Kawasaki Racing’s Brett Metcalfe, Short and Brayton to finish in fourth. Short held steady in fifth to the checkers while Brayton dropped to sixth by the finish.

Nicoletti crossed the line in seventh ahead of Canard’s teammate and replacement rider for Justin Barcia, Fredrik Noren, in eighth. Short’s teammate, Matt Goerke, took ninth followed by RCH Racing’s Weston Peick in 10th.

Moto 2

Brayton ran to the front once again in Moto 2, but had Tomac and Canard trailing in second and third. The Honda riders made it past Brayton without trouble when the Yamaha ace made a slight mistake early on. Nicoletti and Metcalfe got strong starts as well, but Dungey and Roczen were in the mix as well and it wasn’t long before they dispatched Nicoletti and Metclafe for third and fourth-place.

Dungey was first to move up the ranks, getting to third while Roczen sat stalled behind Nicoletti for a few turns before assuming fourth. Up front, Tomac maintained the lead with Canard following, and both riders were stretching away from the field.

Canard began closing in on Tomac about 10 minutes into the moto, and once the Oklahoma native got within striking distance, he made his move to the front. Tomac kept the throttle pinned in an effort to stay close, and was able to repass Canard a few turns later. Canard was undeterred though, reclaiming the top-spot once again soon after.

Roczen pushed to keep close to Dungey, but #5 had a little extra in the tank and started to drop his teammate as the race progressed. Dungey eventually closed in on Tomac and during the latter stages passed for second-place.

Dungey then started to reel Canard in slightly, aided at one point by Canard’s bobble through a deeply rutted turn. The Honda ace was immediately back on the throttle after the near off and was able to keep Dungey at bay. During the final laps Canard maintained just enough of a gap to keep Dungey from any passing opportunities before the checkers.
Roczen crossed the line in fourth, over 15 seconds behind Tomac but a full minute faster than fifth-place finisher Peick. Metcalfe ended in sixth with Brayton trailing in seventh and Short in eighth.

Roczen retains the points lead but is in even greater danger of losing it to Dungey, leaving with just seven points separating the two. Canard is third followed by Metcalfe in fourth and Tomac in fifth, an impressive feat considering he missed the first four rounds of the season.

Unadilla 450 Motocross Results 2014
1. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 1-2
2. Trey Canard (Honda) 4-1
3. Eli Tomac (Honda) 3-3
4. Ken Roczen (KTM) 2-4
5. Justin Brayton (Yamaha) 6-7
6. Andrew Short (KTM) 5-8
7. Weston Peick (Suzuki) 10-5
8. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha) 7-9
9. Brett Metcalfe (Kawasaki) 12-6
10. Fredrik Noren (Honda) 8-10
11. Ryan Sipes (KTM) 14-11
12. Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda) 13-13
13. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 11-15
14. Ben Lamay (Yamaha) 15-12
15. Kellian Rusk (Yamaha) 16-14

450 Motocross Championship Points 2014
1. Ken Roczen, 447
2. Ryan Dungey, 440
3. Trey Canard, 373
4. Brett Metcalfe, 280
5. Eli Tomac, 252
6. Andrew Short, 247
7. Weston Peick, 244
8. James Stewart, 226
9. Josh Grant, 218
10. Fredrik Noren, 159


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