2015 Yamaha Off-Road Line First Look

September 2, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Yamaha returns the PW50 and TT-R models to its 2015 off-road lineup. The five models confirmed by the Tuning Fork brand range from low-displacement starter bikes designed for the youngest two-wheeled adventurers up to the TT-R230, which comes with a manual clutch and disc brake.


The PW50 is a fully automatic, single-speed 2-stroke that comes with an adjustable throttle stop screw to allow regulation of top-speed. It’s shaft driven and has an autolube oil injection system which eliminates the need for premix. The bike has a 19.1-inch seat height, 10-inch front and rear tires, front and rear drum brakes and a claimed wet weight of 86 pounds. The PW50 carries an MSRP of $1440.


The TTR50-comes with a three speed automatic centrifugal clutch, so junior can get acquainted with shifting gears and a throttle-stop screw in case the supervising adults want to limit speed. It’s a little larger than the PW50, tipping the scales at 126 pounds and it comes with a 21.9-inch seat height. The chain-driven TT-R50E has a different suspension set-up than the dual rear shock, telescopic fork used on the PW. Bumps on the TT-R50E are soaked up by an inverted fork and single coil-over shock, with 3.8-inches and 2.8-inches of travel available, respectively. The four-stroke TT-R50E prices at $1540.

One more step up the ladder sits the TT-R110E. It comes with a four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch, 26.4-inch seat height and a riding weight of 159 pounds. Suspension kit is upgraded, with a 31mm fork and coil-over shock, both offering more than four inches of travel. Like the 50s, drum brakes provide stopping power on the front and rear of the TT-R110E. The TT-R110E sells for $2240.


The TT-R125LE has a five-speed constant-mesh transmission with heavy duty clutch and 20mm Mikuni carburetor. It rolls on a 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear, and the 31mm, preload-adjustable telescopic fork travels through 7.1 inches. Out back, the shock offers 6.6 inches of travel as well as compression and rebound adjustability. Seat height measures 31.7 inches and wet weight is a claimed 198 pounds. A rear drum brake remains, but the front unit is changed to a 220mm single disc. The TT-R125LE will cost $3290.


The TT-R230 is powered by a 223cc air-cooled Single, with power transferred to the dirt via six-speed constant-mesh transmission. It comes with a linkage-mounted, adjustable rear shock with 8.7 inches travel, and a 36mm fork with 9.4 inches of travel. The TT-R230 has full-size, 21-inch front and 18-inch wheels, and comes with a 34.3-inch seat height. As with the TT-R125LE, the TT-R230 comes with a rear drum brake and 220mm single front disc. Weight is listed at 251 pounds, and the TT-R230 will retail for $3990.


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