2015 Zero Motorcycle Line First Look

September 30, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Zero Motorcycles revealed its 2015 lineup at Intermot in Cologne, Germany. The Zero S, SR, DS and FX all receive significant updates, including new Showa suspension, Bosch ABS systems, Pirelli tires and motor enhancements. The S, SR and DS get a redesigned seat and all four models get updated mirrors, softer compound grips and a revised throttle controls. These updates transfer to Zero’s Police and Military segments as well, which see the introduction of a new model, the Zero FXP.

The up-spec components have contributed to $350 bump in MSRP across the board compared to 2014, though the returning Z-Force Power Tank remains steady at $2495.

“For 2015, we have further redefined the motorcycle experience by creating a lineup that delivers, quite possibly, the most seamless and pure ride of any motorcycle ever manufactured,” said Richard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “With no shifting, up to 106 lb-ft of instant torque and a host of new technical improvements that offer premium comfort and control, we invite all consumers to go for a ride on these impressive new machines. The new lineup will arrive at North American dealerships in December and during late February for Europe.”

Name-Brand Upgrades

Gone are the Fast Ace suspension components of yesteryear, Zero choosing to work with Showa for its 2015 line. All four motorcycles come equipped with 41mm inverted cartridge forks that are adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. Zero cut down unsprung weight with hollowed front axles throughout the model line and fit new fork guards on the off-road capable DS and FX. Each machine in the lineup also receives a new 40mm Showa piggy-back shock, also adjustable for preload, compression and rebound.

In the braking department, Zero introduces the Bosch Gen 9 ABS system, making Zero the first electric motorcycle company to offer anti-lock brakes. The ABS can be switched off, depending on rider preference. A dual piston floating caliper now grips a 320mm disc at the front and a single piston floating caliper, 240mm disc set-up is at the back on the S, SR and DS. The Santa Cruz-based company further refined the stopping system with a new adjustable front brake lever on all four models.

Wheels are now cast alloy on the S, SR and DS and all models come shod in Pirelli rubber. The S and SR versions roll on two 17-inch Sport Demons, the DS gets 19-inch front and 17-inch rear Pirelli MT 60s and the FX is equipped with 21-inch front and 18-inch rear Pirelli Scorpion MT 90 A/Ts.

Motor Enhancements

Each year sees the estimated range of electric motorcycles creep ever higher, and 2015 is no different for Zero. Company press indicates that repackaged battery cells provide 10% more energy density on the S, SR and DS models. With the Z-Force Power Tank, Zero now estimates that it’s most generously-powered SR and S models (with ZF12.5 motors) can travel 185 miles (city) and 115 miles (highway) on a single charge. The S and DS come with two motor size options, a ZF9.4 or ZF12.5, the SR is available only with the ZF12.5 and the FX is available in ZF2.8 and ZF5.7 sizes.

Below is a breakdown of motor size options coupled with range and performance estimates for each configuration available in 2015. Highway miles listed are approximations at 55 mph.

Zero SR ZF12.5 – 151 miles (city), 94 miles (highway); 106 ft-lb torque, 67hp at 4000 rpm.
Zero SR ZF12.5 with Power Tank – 185 miles (city), 115 miles (highway); 106 lb-ft torque, 67hp at 4000 rpm
Zero S ZF9.4 – 113 miles (city), 70 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque, 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero S ZF12.5 – 151 miles (city), 94 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque, 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero S ZF12.5 with Power Tank – 185 miles (city); 115 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque, 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero DS ZF9.4 – 104 miles (city), 63 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque; 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero DS ZF12.5 – 139 miles (city), 102 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque; 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero DS ZF12.5 with Power Tank – 170 miles (city), 102 miles (highway); 68 lb-ft torque, 54hp at 4300 rpm
Zero FX ZF2.8 – 35 miles (city), 22 miles (highway); 70 lb-ft torque, 27hp at 3700 rpm
Zero FX Z5.7 – 70 miles (city), 44 miles (highway); 70 lb-ft torque, 44hp at 3700 rpm

Police and Military Options
The new 2015 Zero FXP is based on the company’s dual-sport FX model, giving police departments a versatile on/off road option for their two-wheeled fleets. All updates previously mentioned make their way onto the FXP, and additional features like programmable sirens, Whelen forward, rear and side-facing lights, top boxes, side cases and frame protectors are also available. There are 2015 SP and DSP options offered based on the S and DS models as well. On the Military side, the Zero MMX returns with updated Showa suspension and Pirelli tires.

2015 Zero Motorcycle Line-Up

2015 Zero DS. 2015 Zero FX. 2015 Zero FXP.
2015 Zero S. 2015 Zero Police SP.  2015 Zero SR.