Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 First Look

September 23, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Arch Motorcycles, the brainchild of L.A. County Choprods’ custom builder Gard Hollinger and actor Keanu Reeves, has released its first production version of the KRGT-1. The boutique brand builds to order, and a $12,000 reservation deposit is necessary for those interested in getting their hands on one of these unique machines. The total, introductory-offer price tag is $78,000.

Development of the KRGT-1 has taken years, fabricating more than 200 parts that go on every motorcycle that rolls out of the factory’s doors. The company revealed a prototype KR back in 2012 and the model has undergone some notable changes during the intervening years. The final drive, swingarm, front brakes, exhaust design and front end aesthetic are visibly different from the ’12 machine, which was initially scheduled to make its production debut in 2013. The time taken to refine the KR has resulted in a sleek performance cruiser with the minimalist styling and striking lines indicative of Hollinger’s artistry.

At the heart of the KRGT-1 is a 2032cc T124 Twin-Cam V-Twin engine, a proprietary Arch piece developed in partnership with S&S Cycles. The two companies also created the Arch Down Draft Induction System, which drives air to the mill via two intake ports positioned just above the headlight. The KRGT-1 kicks out a claimed 121.52 horsepower and 121.77 torque at the rear wheel. The KRGT-1 sources a six-speed Baker Drivetrain transmission. Arch lists the the primary drive as a Bandit Dry Belt with a final chain drive.

The frame is an Arch-built tubular design with billet steel and billet aluminum structural members. The swingarm is a billet aluminum piece with titanium axle adjusters. Arch sourced a fully adjustable Ohlins 43mm inverted fork to absorb bumps at the front, with a fully adjustable Race Tech shock handling suspension duties at the rear. ISR braking components are included, with dual monoblock radial-mount six-piston calipers pinching floating discs at the front. A single, four-piston monoblock radial-mount caliper bites a semi-floating disc at the back.

Other items sourced from outside companies include the BST Ultralight Carbon Fiber wheels, 19-inch front and 18-inch rear, and MotoGadget Motoscope Pro Digital Instrumentation.

Arch lists the KRGT-1’s dry weight in the spec sheet, which it puts at 538 pounds. Fuel capacity is five gallons and estimated range is between 185 and 210 miles between fill-ups.

Purchasers have the choice to custom fit the KRGT-1 with either forward or mid-controls, narrow or wide-mounted footpegs and two- or thee-inch handlebar risers.

Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 First Look

The KRGT-1 is powered by a 2032cc T124 V-Twin. A beautiful  but pricy machine. Arch Motorcycles  created by actor Keanu Reeves and custom motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger.