Duo Tackles American Dream Project on Indians

September 2, 2014
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle Co.
The Indian Motorcycle Co. is pleased to announce its association with James Marshall and “The American Dream Project.” Marshall and photographer Todd Williams are embarking on a cross-country trip on a 2015 Indian Chief Vintage and 2015 Scout to shoot a docu-series in a quest to prove “The American Dream” is not dead. Weary of negative publicity

Todd Williams and James Marshall
Todd Williams (L) and James Marshall (R) are embarking on a cross-country journey on 2015 Indian Motorcycles to shoot a docu-series called ‘The American Dream Project’ to show how that dream continues to live in the small hubs of America.
The American Dream Project

surrounding “The Dream,” Marshall, a native of the UK, is intent on proving that dream lives and will support that notion with stories of the people he meets along the way. The duo intends on making a pit stop in Spirit Lake, Iowa, as well to see where the motorcycles they are riding were built and to meet the people responsible for building them.

Here’s more info from Happy Marshall Productions:

“The American Dream Project” – A new docu-series from Happy Marshall Productions is searching for the ‘great’ in America and what the American dream means today. If the American dream exists and where, this 5000-mile cross-country journey will reveal a hidden and new version of America.

New York: Announcing a unique new docu-series that’s filming in September, “The American Dream Project” is going to put a lens on the rarely-traversed areas of these United States to find hopeful Americans who still believe in this country and everything it stands for. British-born, seven-year NY resident James Marshall fantasized of life in America for as long as he could remember. In recent years, James has noticed America is getting a bad rap, especially from its own citizens. An inherent idealist and optimist, James is determined to find real patriots who share his passion for this place he now calls home. On a journey crisscrossing the amber waves of grain and the purple mountain majesties on his Indian motorcycle, James and his friend Todd, the adventurous American, are determined to disprove the cynics and make people more hopeful again.

In this original, authentic, and beautifully filmed docu-series, James and Todd are setting out on the archetypical American road trip, but with a specific purpose: to find the good in America, and to understand what the American dream means today. With only $250 for food and accommodation, the two men will visit communities across the country and stay with the people they meet on their journey. After a big push on social media, James and Todd will find the unsung heroes one tweet at a time. While working for their keep, they’ll meet everyday Americans and find out what’s going on in both the big cities and the one-horse towns. They’ll talk to scientists who are curing cancer, get a wet shave with a WWII veteran who has wisdom to share, work with community leaders who focus on at-risk youth, and sit with local politicians who sometimes struggle to be heard. It’s a unique chance to hear from the Americans who aren’t in the news, but have a voice and should be celebrated. They will find the extraordinary in communities that are bouncing back and uniting in the face of difficult times.

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