Valentino Rossi Update Following Aragon Crash

September 29, 2014
Courtesy of Movistar Yamaha
During the 2014 MotoGP stop at Aragon, Movistar Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi suffered a nasty off early in the race which left him unconscious for a brief period. Track officials took Rossi out by stretcher to Clinica Mobile where he was examined by Dr. Michele Zasa. He was later transferred to the hospital for observation but details of his condition were scant, Dr. Zasa only confirming that a CT scan had “ruled out any bleeding in the brain.” The morning after the race, Rossi was rechecked and afterward offered the statement below in a team press release. – MotoUSA Ed.

Q: Valentino, how are you today?

VR: “I’m fine, everything is ok, and this is the most important thing. I did not injure myself too much except for a big bump to the head. Last night I had a little headache but today I’m fine, I’m 100%. It was a real shame because before the race we made a change that would have helped me a lot; the bike was strong, I was going well, I had recovered the gap in the first few laps and I was there with the leading riders. I felt good and I am sure I could have made a good race, so it was a real shame to fall. In a way I’m almost glad because even though we had a difficult weekend on Sunday we were competitive and this was supposed to be a track that is not very good for us.”

Q: Have you watched the race? What can you say about your crash and about your rivals’ race?

VR: “Unfortunately, like Iannone I went onto the artificial grass. This is always very dangerous and especially in these cases because the track was still wet from the morning shower and there was nothing to be done. Marc and Dani tried to stay on track on the slick tyres but they took a big risk and in fact they crashed. In my case, if I had gone off track one meter before, I would have just gone wide, instead I touched the grass and I fell.”

Q: We have a triple back-to-back ahead of us in Asia and Australia. How do you see the coming races?

VR: “Now there are three races in a row, three races that are all beautiful and I know all tracks very well. I like all of them a lot. I will try to do my best as we have done in the last races.”