Yamaha’s Teases New Sportbike for EICMA

September 30, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Yamaha has begun what promises to be a string of teaser videos (similar to the campaign promoting the recently revealed Kawasaki Ninja H2), providing viewers a “glimpse into the future of Yamaha Motor Corporation.” The first of these, Episode .01 included below, doesn’t reveal much apart from the fact that the silhouette of the model to be released is a sportbike.

The R1 hasn’t been significantly refreshed in a number of years, the last notable change coming for the 2012 model year when the Tuning Fork brand introduced traction control. A few years prior to that, in 2009, was the biggest change in recent memory when Yamaha introduced the crossplane crankshaft. The official reveal is slated for November 3 just before the start of EICMA 2014. Stay tuned for updates as they’re released.