2015 Classic Air-Cooled Motorcycle Shootout Conclusion

October 20, 2014
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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His insatiable thirst for life is only surpassed by his monthly fuel bill. Whether rocketing on land, flying through the air, or jumping the seas, our Road Test Editor does it all and has the scars to prove it.

Adam Waheed, 35, Road Test Editor – 6’0”, 179 pounds – Suzuki TU250X

First off, I love the look of the Royal Enfield. It’s a beautiful bike and despite the quirks I actually like riding it. It offers the sportiest handling and although its powerband is odd, it’s still a fun little bike to rip around on. But I can’t see myself paying nearly six grand for it especially when you consider its sub-par build quality in the face of the Japanese bikes. The SR is the most refined and versatile bike in this collection but its price is a little too high. Which leaves the TU250X. Sure, it’s not the most powerful or the best looking, but for the price you simply can’t touch it.

Ana Colja, 33, Fashion Model – 5’9”, 120 pounds – Yamaha SR400

I would buy the Yamaha because it is the most comfortable, it’s very smooth and it handles very well on curves, on turns. Sometimes you have a feeling—a connection with a bike and I had that right away with the Yamaha. The Yamaha doesn’t feel like an old bike at all—it’s very agile. It’s like an old man but with so much life in him [laughs]. It moves very well.

Melissa Paris, 31, Motorcycle Racer – 5’5”, 125 pounds – Yamaha SR400

Overall, if I was having a day where I’m feeling responsible I would buy the Yamaha. If I was having a day I felt like being a rebel I would get the Royal Enfield. The RE is just more exciting. It’s less reliable and looks a little more like it will fall apart but it’s exciting to look at and it sounds cool. Looks are important too, right?