2015 Triumph Bonneville Special Editions

October 1, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Triumph gave Bonneville fans three reasons to rejoice following the announcement of its Newchurch, Spirit Special and T214 Land Speed special editions at Intermot. Each machine celebrates a particular aspect of Triumph’s place within motorcycling culture, whether it be on the salt flats in chase of speed records or inside a custom builder’s shop. Updates are cosmetic and symbolic on the three special editions, with the T214 and Spirit Special based on the Bonneville T100 platform and the Newchurch based on the standard-issue Bonneville.

T214 Land Speed Limited Edition

The T214 Land Speed Limited Edition pays homage to Johnny Allen’s record-setting run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1956. That year, Allen teamed with J.H. Mangham and Jack Wilson to create and run a Triumph Thunderbird 650-powered streamliner they dubbed the Texas Cee-Gar. Officials clocked his average speed at 214.4 mph, an absolute motorcycle speed record which was unbeaten until another Triumph, the Dudek Streamliner, bested the effort in 1962.

The paint scheme utilizes the same colors as Texas Cee-Gar, handpainted Caspian Blue and Pure White with red and white checker detail. The blue mudguard at the front features a white star reminiscent of the one adoring the front of Allen’s machine. The wheels, handlebars and rear suspension springs have been blacked-out to add to the T214’s sleek aspect.

There will only be 1000 T214 units produced worldwide. Price is currently listed as starting at £7849 (about $12,700 USD).

Spirit Special

The Spirit Special is designed to “celebrate the spirit of customization.” It’s done in a Spirit Blue/New England White colorway with matching white stitching in the seat. Blacked-out handlebars, mirror housings, engine covers, wheels and hubs contrast the paint scheme of the tank and mudguards, and match the small black headlight sourced from a Triumph Scrambler. Triumph’s Thruxton model is represented in the shortened rear mudguard of the Spirit Special.

Pricing is listed at £7499 (about $12,135 USD)


The Newchurch edition is Triumph’s tribute to the organizers and participants of Triumph Tridays in Austria, the yearly event which stands as the biggest gathering of Triumph fans and owners in the world. During the event, the town of Neukirchen goes by the name of Newchurch and hosts British bands, food and other entertainment while celebrating all things Triumph.

The Newchurch Bonneville is available in two different hand-painted colorways: Cranberry Red/Pure White or a Sapphire Blue/Pure White. It comes with blacked-out mudguards, headlamp bowl, handlebars, mirrors and springs.

Pricing starts at £6999 for the Newchurch Bonneville ($11,326 USD).

It’s not a Bonneville, but…

Triumph Street Triple Rx Special Edition

Triumph expanded its offering of special edition motorcycles with the announcement of a 2015 Street Triple Rx. The Rx borrows some styling cues from its racier cousin, the Daytona 675, while retaining all the hallmarks of the popular naked Triple.

Setting the Rx apart is a red-painted rear subframe with “styling enhancements courtesy of the Daytona 675,” with matching red wheels. The matte silver color of the tank, front fender, belly pan and tail are offset by the black twin-beam aluminum frame. The seat is also sourced from the Daytona.

Price is listed at £8549 ($13,835 USD).