Last Man Standing Tim Allen Rides a Brawler

October 28, 2014
Bryan Harley
By Bryan Harley
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Most remember him as “The Tool-Man” or recognize him as “Last Man Standing.” Fewer know that comedian Tim Allen is a big gear head, loves anything with an engine, and is an avid rider.

Allen’s latest acquisition is a Brawler GT-R performance cruiser built by Dar Holdsworth and the crew at Brass Balls Cycles. This particular GT-R was used in the Hot Bike Build Off & Tour, the traveling bike show the brainchild of Hot Bike’s Jeff Holt. Holt gathered several of the best bike builders around, asked them to build a bad-ass custom, then ride it from city-to-city over the summer. At each stop, locals got to vote on the bike they liked best, with a grand champion selected at the final stop of the five-city tour. The Brawler GT-R was Brass Balls representative in the build off and tour. What better way to test a bike than a 1000-mile shakedown.

“What an honor it has been to build a Brawler GT-R for Tim Allen, star of Last Man Standing,” wrote Holdsworth in Brass Balls Cycles’ newsletter.

Originally, the Brawler GT won second place in the Production Class of the 2010 AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis. Since then, Brass Balls has continued to build them to order, offering a host of up-spec parts to the base package. When we talked to Dar about the Brawler GT a while back in Daytona Beach he loves that it’s a great all-around bike, saying at the time “It’s my favorite bike of all the bikes we do because I could ride it to Sturgis or I could take it to a track day. I mean, it does everything.”

The Brawler GT obviously mad a positive impression on Allen who gloated about his new motorcycle on Facebook.

“My new sweet ride, a Brawler GT-R. I helped design and create this bike with Dar at Brass Balls Bobbers – Darwin Motorcycles. They build award winning bikes and do a lot of great work with to help support our veterans. Give Dar a follow,” wrote the Last Man Standing star.

Generally, Brass Balls Brawler GT’s run an S&S 111” V Series in a black finish with machined fins which is paired to an S&S Teardrop air cleaner. Harnessing that power and channeling it to the back wheel is a 6-speed Rivera FLT tranny mated to a 2” BDL smooth belt drive. Brass Balls placed the oil tank on the Brawler GT-R underneath the transmission to help keep the center of gravity low. The performance cruiser is equipped with racy wave rotors, a 56mm Mean Street inverted fork and Ohlins piggyback shocks on the rear. Both the slim 120mm, 19-inch front and 18-inch, 180mm rear are wrapped in Avon Cobras. There’s plenty of Brass Balls goodness spread around, from the slick 4-gallon Brawler GT tank with knee cutouts to the raw GT cowling fender and gnarly 2-into-1 pipes. The headlight shroud doubles as a mount for the small speedo sitting between the tracker bars and 2” Speedster risers.

Brass Balls concluded the collaboration by saying “Yes… He’s a great guy!” and encourages fans of the former “Tool-Man” to get the latest on Allen at