Penton Film Wins “Best Feature Documentary”

October 6, 2014
Courtesy of PDMTV
At the end of four days and dozens of films screened, the story of one of America’s most important motorcycle pioneers, John Penton, took home the coveted “Best Feature Documentary” award at the second annual Motorcycle Film Festival held in New York City on Sept 24-27th. In it’s first official film festival appearance, PENTON: The John Penton Story won the award against other wonderful films which included the new On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter, which the producers of the Penton film are also Executive Producers on.

“What an honor to win this award with so many other great films,” said Todd Huffman, the film’s director and producer at Pipeline Digital Media (PDM). “It’s a testament to the story itself and all the hard work our crew and the rest of the people involved put into the film.”

The award will help promote the film even further to encourage the public and motorcycle dealers, clubs, etc. to see and have screenings of the film through the unique “Theatrical On Demand” system with Gathr Films. Anyone can host a screening of the film simply by signing up and then promoting it to all their friends and contacts through social media, email, and local promotion. Hosting a screening costs nothing.

For information on local Penton screenings and how to get one in your hometown please visit:

About the film PENTON: The John Penton Story
The John Penton Story is a feature length documentary narrated by Grammy Winner Lyle Lovett with over 100 interviews of the largest cast of motorcycle legends ever assembled on film. The film’s production was funded through the innovative “crowd funding” website and was released June 23, 2014 by Gathr Films in Los Angeles. 

About The Motorcycle Film Festival
The festival is in it’s second year and was conceived in New York City by a group of motorcyclists and independent filmmakers. The goal is to provide a home for motorcycle films from around the world and to give moto and film enthusiasts a reason to gather, discuss and celebrate our favorite subject. For more info and tickets to this year’s festival visit: