Tacita T-Race Diabolika E-Bike First Look

October 8, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita revealed its latest project, the T-Race Diabolika, at the 2014 Intermot Show in Germany. According to Tacita, the Diabolika’s motor is “an evolution of the Cross, Enduro and Rally versions presented last year at EICMA.”

The Diabolika’s liquid-cooled, asynchronous, three-phase induction motor is powered by LI-PO lithium polymer batteries. The battery pack will come in two different energy densities, 10.6 kWh and 5.3 kWh.Two mapping options are available, Eco and Sport. The Diabolika also employs a five-speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch. (If a multi-gear transmission on an e-bike seems odd, check out an earlier post from MotoUSA’s Backmarker, Mark Gardiner, who gave a great run-down of why e-bike manufacturers choose to make use of different speed transmissions, both from a marketing and engineering standpoint.)

A split single-beam chrome-molybdenum frame is suspended by an uinverted 45mm Marzocchi fork and progressive link, fully-adjustable Ohlins shock. Brembo calipers grip a floating front, 300mm disc and 220mm rear disc. The Diabolika makes use of regenerative braking as well, the status of which can be tracked on a smartphone dashboard.

The Diabolika rolls on 19-inch wire-spoke wheels, front and back, with flat-track tires.

For the 10.6 kWh model, Tacita estimates the Diabolika’s city range to be 124 miles and its highway range to be 93 miles. For the 5.3 kWh version, estimated ranges are cut by about half. Charging time on the 10.6 kWh model, with a 3 kW charger, is listed at three hours, 40 minutes while with a 1 kW charger time goes up to 10 and a half hours. For the 5.3 kWh Diabolika, a 3 kW charger will get you to full power in one hour, 50 minutes while a 1 kW charger will take five and a half hours for a full charge.

Price and availability are not yet available for the Diabolika.