Yamaha Champions Riding School Heads West

October 22, 2014
Courtesy of Yamaha Champions Riding School
Inde Motorsports Ranch in Tuscon Arizona is the site for the Yamaha Champions Riding Scool site this winter.
Inde Motorsports Ranch in Tucson Arizona is the site for the Yamaha Champions Riding School site this winter.

After a successful summer season at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the Yamaha Champions Riding School heads to Inde Motorsports Ranch near Tucson, Arizona, for two-day schools throughout the winter months.

IMR, located an hour east of Tucson in Willcox, offers a 2.75 mi road course and first-class facilities which provide YCRS an amazing home during the extended riding season that region provides.

“We are stoked to be bringing YCRS to Inde Motorsports Ranch for the first time,” said Nick Ienatsch, Senior Instructor for Yamaha Champions Riding School. “The Inde track and facilities are world-class and perfectly aligned with the product we provide. IMR provides a destination for riders to escape the cold winter, and we’re eager to share the facilities with our students in our first December schools.”

YCRS has scheduled a pair of two-day schools to end 2014. The first, taking place on December 4-5, will be open only to former graduates, and the second, taking place on December 8-9, will be open to all riders. All IMR schools will be capped at 12 students, offering an excellent student/instructor ratio and tremendous personal learning experience.

“Off-season? What off-season?” added Ken Hill, Senior Instructor. “We didn’t want to wait out the winter at our full-time facility in New Jersey, so we are glad to offer these schools at IMR as part of our ‘YCRweSt’ program. The racetrack is very unique, and is a blast to ride.”

Visit www.ridelikeachampion.com to sign up for the December schools at Inde Motorsports Ranch, or email at teachme@ridelikeachampion.com. 

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