Yamaha Confirms YZF-R1 Reveal at EICMA

October 17, 2014
By Bart Madson
Following up its initial sportbike teaser video, Yamaha’s latest video confirms the forthcoming EICMA model release is a new R1 superbike. Promoting a campaign dubbed “WE R1” and corresponding microsite www.yamaha-we-r1.com, the video reveals the new R1 dash.

The display shows several settings options, including: Variable ride modes (Mode A) and power settings (PWR 1), as well as traction control (TCS 3) and presumably a stability control system (SCS 3). At the top of the display screen there also appears to be quickshifter indicator (QS) and a possible suspension indicator. More obvious is the gear position indicator, digital tach and speedometer – the latter of which reaches 262 km/h (162 mph). Another intriguing addition to the display is on the right-side of the screen, which seems to be an indicator displaying weight transfer.

What else is in the video? Some fellow named Valentino Rossi saying: “She wants to go faster.” AMA SuperBike champion Josh Hayes also offers kudos for the new bike.

So R1 riders consider yourself teased some more… Expect more snippets of info as the November 3 EICMA reveal approaches.