Yamaha Hooligan: 2015 MT-07 Moto Cage

October 3, 2014
Bryan Harley
By Bryan Harley
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It’s not surprising Yamaha made a factory stunter out of its FZ-07 (aka the MT-07 outside the States). The motorcycle can lift the front wheel in the blink of an eye and has front binders that can send the overzealous over the bars. Sounds like the nucleus for a competent stunt bike to us.

Yamaha announced at Intermot it is indeed steering its torque-rich Twin in this direction with the release of the 2015 MT-07 Moto Cage. Stunters crash as a requirement of their chosen trade. After all, dues have to be paid while learning to push the envelope.

So Yamaha has beefed up the stock model by mounting an extra trellis above the crankcase to protect the engine, attached stamped radiator guards, a small skid plate, and red handguards. They’ve added a small shroud above the headlight and redesigned the passenger seat. It’s got mismatch socks – a red front wheel combined with a black back wheel, albeit with a red pinstripe. It’s decked out with special Moto Cage graphics on the front fender and headlight shroud, while red graphics make the design of the tank and tail stand out more.

The 2015 MT-07 Moto Cage starts as a stock bike but will be outfitted with full Moto Cage kit by an official Yamaha dealer. It comes in Matte Grey with the red Moto Cage graphics. There’s also a slick Akrapovic exhaust available, too, to enrich the sound and add just a touch more tire-lifting power. No word yet whether we’ll see it here in the good ol’ US of A.

What good would it be to have a bike like this without having someone who could adequately demonstrate its potential? To showcase the abilities of the MT-07, Yamaha enlisted the services of three-time World Champion Rafal Pasierbek, aka Stunter13, as its official stunt rider. We could hype it up all we want, but instead we’ve attached the video so you can see what a real pro can do with it.

Check out more of Rafal’s work at https://www.youtube.com/user/stunter13tv