Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2015 Patrol Models

October 21, 2014
Courtesy of Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles announced that it is accepting orders for its 2015 line of 100  electric motorcycles from police  authority and military customers.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that it is accepting orders for its 2015 line of 100% electric motorcycles from police, authority and military customers. The patrol motorcycles are based upon the proven and popular consumer models—the Zero S, Zero DS and Zero FX—customized to meet the demands of law enforcement, security agencies and all types of first responders, while a separate model, the Zero MMX, is designed for military applications.

All offer a wide array of options that are tailored to suit specific, unique needs. The Zero SP is designed for enforcement on the street. The Zero DSP is a dual sport model designed for both on and off road patrolling. New for 2015, the lower cost Zero FXP has increased off road capability, is lightweight and highly maneuverable and features the convenience of a modular power pack system. The Zero FXP is ideally suited for use in highly congested areas and technical off road settings.

“Over 30 law enforcement agencies from around the world are using Zero Motorcycles within their daily patrols,” said John Lloyd, Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Global Sales. “Low maintenance and operating costs save time and money, and the 100% electric platform provides a significant tactical advantage.”

Throughout the expanded 2015 line, agencies will find numerous refinements and technological advancements that provide greater control, comfort, and operating range. Switchable advanced Bosch ABS (anti-lock braking system) is standard. All models are equipped with fully adjustable Showa front and rear suspension that provides exceptionally smooth action under all conditions. Increased energy density within the Zero SP and Zero DSP batteries offers 10% more capacity, extending Zero Motorcycles’ class-leading range. Equipped with the optional Power Tank accessory, the Zero SP reaches a remarkable 178 miles in the city.

The 2015 fleet of authority and security motorcycles benefit from the same features found on Zero’s industry-leading consumer models. At the core is the proprietary Z-Force motor and power pack system. The brushless motor is sealed to ensure longevity and operates with such high efficiency that it requires no external cooling systems. Using state-of-the-art cell technology and advanced battery management systems, each motorcycle can travel farther, faster, and last longer.

Details on the full line of Zero Motorcycles authority, security and military motorcycles are available at Zero Motorcycles Fleet Sales department can be reached at (888) 786-9376 ext. 105 or Models will be on display at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Expo (IACP) held in Orlando, Florida, Oct. 25-28.

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