2014 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Results

November 17, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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THR Motorsports’ Ricky Brabec, Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld and Max Eddy Jr. put an end to Honda’s reign atop the Baja 1000 motorcycle podium, giving Kawasaki its first SCORE Baja 1000 title since 1996. The team finished the course in 24:24.01 and maintained an average speed of 52.36 mph. Honda’s Colton Udall, Mark Samuels and Ian Young crossed the line almost 27 minutes behind the winners in second. Yamaha riders Brady Welton, Ron Weinmeister, Brandon Hunt and Brandon Welton finished in third.

“We finally ended Honda’s streak and it feels good,” said Brabec. “It didn’t come easy because we were behind all day. We had problems all day long with tires and lights. Max Eddy had a wheel blow out on him at about race mile 680 and later had to change a tire out there. When I got on the bike the lights went out so I had to pull the radio out of my bag and get ahold of my chase crew. I got the new set of lights and it all started coming together. Honda can be beat and we did it today.”

The defending Honda squad had a fair share of problems, with Udall suffering an early off that left him with an injured shoulder. He continued on despite the injury, later turning the bike over to Young, his brother, who suffered a crash during his leg of the race which left him with a broken wrist. Udall was positive about the team’s result in light of all the setbacks, later saying “It is quite a feat to be at the finish line.”

Kawasaki’s Hengeveld, who rode the night section of the race, added “We’ve been trying to do this since 2009 and we’ve had some really bad luck. We had some problems today but we never gave up. Our bike didn’t break today but in 2009 we had problems and in 2012 we broke coming to the finish. It is luck sometimes. Our guys rode well today and the Honda team rode well today too. We just never gave up. We were down about 25 minutes when I got on the bike in Loreto. Our game plan was to not throw it away. Don’t crash the bike, keep the bike straight and make sure you get it to the next rider. Baja is always a challenge.”

Last year’s win was Honda’s 17th consecutive Baja 1000 victory. Kawasaki now has 10 Baja 1000 titles to its credit thanks to the THR Motorsports team win.

Ensenada-based rider and veteran Baja racer Francisco Septien took top honors in the Ironman Solo class, completing the course in 32:52:04.

Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Results 2014

Open Motorcycle (450cc or more)
1. Ricky Brabec, Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld, Max Eddy Jr. (Kawasaki) 24:24:01
2. Colton Udall, Mark Samuels, Ian Young (Honda) 25:01:00
3. Brady Welton, Ron Weinmeister, Brandon Hunt, Brandon Welton (Yamaha) 35:37:39
4. Ray Dal Soglio, Mike Carter, Zach Vogle, Quinten Bowen (Kawasaki) 36:24:15
5. Gabriel Castro, Miguel Castro, Hector Ortiz, Moises Maclish (KTM) 36:43:57
6. Nathan Sharp, Brian Sharp, Brady Sharp, Glen Sharp (Honda) 36:53:05
(7 Starters, 6 Finishers)

Limited Motorcycle (499cc or less)
1. Boe Huckins, Brad Millikan, Brent Owen, Erick Meyer (KTM) 35:58:18
2. Wananyu Tanjaroen, Oscar Hale, Steve Kameda, Victor Guzman (KTM) 36:39:35
(4 Starters, 2 Finishers)

Class 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
1. Francisco Arredondo, Ryan Dudek, Shane Esposito, Matt Eddy, Chris Haines (Honda) 25:19:02
2. Mark Winkelman, Jim O’Neal, Kevin Murphy, Morgan Crawford, Gerardo Rojas (Honda) 28:32:39
3. Brad Baker, Jeremy Baker, Branddon Allen, Rob Allen, Jay Rabjohn (Honda) 33:44:19
4. Todd York, Nate Scott, Bud Carmen, Jason Stevens (KTM) 35:25:44
5. Leon Dando, Daniel Mole (Honda) 39:39:53
(5 Starters, 5 Finishers)

Class 40 (Riders over 40 years old)
1. Mike Prunty, Sterlyn Rigsby, David Glass, Bill Sekeres, Collie Potter (Honda) 30:43:01
2. Jano Montoya, Pacho Bedova, Fabrice Le Det, Chris Miller (Kawasaki) 33:51:57
3. Giovanni Spinali, Paul Thomas, Mike Carter, John Griffin (Honda) 31:54:16
4. Jeff Benrud, Clint LaRue, David Powell 35:16:50
5. Oscar Fazz, Mike Langley, Yvan Perraud, Kenji Gauthier, Collie Potter (Kawasaki) 44:52:52
(6 Starters, 5 Finishers)

Class 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
1. Akira Miyuki, Masanori Shimizu, Kiyoharu Ito (Honda) 38:10:53
2. Russell Daman, Boby Belz (Honda) 39:55:25
(4 Starters, 2 Finishers)

Class 60 (Rides over 60 years old)
1. Bill Nichols, Richard Jackson, Mark Force, Guy Wilson, Gregg Hawks, James Libby (Honda) 34:31:46

SCORE Ironman (Solo Riders)
1. Francisco Septien (Kawasaki) 32:52:04
2. Geoffrey Gerbrandt (Yamaha) 44:31:22
3. Christopher Parr (Yamaha) 47:13:37
(6 Starters, 3 Finishers)