Apparel at AIMExpo 2014

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 17, 2014


REV’IT! has its sights set on the urban rider with its Winter 2014 offerings, which include the Memphis H20, a fully waterproof riding jean. They’re made with three layers, a polycotton denim exterior followed by a hydratex membrane and then an inner lining. In the jacket department, the Elysee features a detachable thermal liner, hydratex lite waterproof membrane and a design which mimics the look of a standard jacket rather than a purpose-built motorcycle jacket. REV’IT! offers another high-styled jacket with the Piazza 2, a polywool twill-built piece with armor in the shoulders and elbows, hydratex lite waterproofing membrane, reflective material at the collar and a detachable inner liner.

Adventure touring riders must not despair at the current attention paid toward the urban scene, REV’IT! had some samples of upcoming products which boast some pretty unique features. We were asked not to go into specifics just yet, however, so stay tuned. 


The Swiss apparel company IXS is coming to the US thanks to its new subsidiary and warehouse in Florida. It had a conspicuous spread on the show floor, displaying products ranging from full race leathers to textile jackets and pants to gloves and boots. The first US offerings include racing suits, 48 textile jackets with matching pants, leather jackets and pants, Gore-Tex pieces, 20 glove models and 10 boot options.

Held USA

Held USA is looking to establish a larger presence in the American market thanks to a new distribution deal, and it had lots of products on display. Gore-Tex options, Sport gear like full race leathers and its new Café Collection will be available in 2015.

The Slade one-piece race suit is made from Kangaroo leather, has 3D comfort foam lining and a breathable mesh inner lining. Protection is provided by a SAS-TEC 3D kit on the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and back. There’s plenty of reinforcement all around along with Kevlar stretch panels at the under and inner arms as well as the crotch and calves.
In the Café Collection, the Harvey 76 jacket hung prominently in Held USA’s display. Built of a soft cowhide, it comes with CE-approved D3O armor, foam back padding, hip adjustments, four external pockets and a soft collar for comfortable fit. The Hoover Jeans complete the urban look, which come complete with Kevlar reinforcement at the seat, hips, thighs and knees.

Segura & Bering & Bagster

The Segura, Bering and Bagster booth was minor, tucked away behind Shark’s display, but the three brands are looking to make the leap into the American market very soon. Thanks to a new deal with the same distributor that gets Shark’s products into the hands of US customers, Segura, Bering and Bagster will likely be available soon. The French brands have some quality kit worth checking out when they reach our shores.

2014 AIMExpo in Photos

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