Helmets at AIMExpo 2014

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 17, 2014

Bell Moto-9 Flex

Helmet technology continues to move forward and Bell’s Moto-9 Flex features a new take on the impact liner. It utilizes a newly designed progressive layering system; three layers of different materials made to respond to energy in low-, mid- and high-speed impact scenarios. Expanded Polyolefin, a softer and more flexible material than typical impact liner foam, is sandwiched between EPS and EPP material. When handling the new lid, you can manually depress the liner and see the EPO at work. The new design also allows for better ventilation, it reduces rotational energy transfer and features segmented construction, which helps create a better fit to the riders head.

Scorpion T1200 & R710

Scorpion had lots of products on display, including teaser items from its upcoming Black Emperor line, but the featured items at AIMEpo were the T1200 and R710 Helmets.

The T1200 is geared toward touring riders, and comes with a TCT Composite Shell, a three-step SpeedView sun visor, AirFit Linter Inflation System and Advanced Venturi Ventilation system. The AirFit and Venturi Ventilation are also featured on Scorpion’s premium-spec EXO-R2000 Helmet, a race-inspired lid which we’ve been sampling for the past few months that is a steal considering the abundance of features provided. The T1200 retails for $329.95.
The R710 is an affordable addition to Scorpion’s race line of helmets, making use of a Fiberglass/Aramid Matrix shell, Aero-Tuned ventilation, AirFit system, Elip-Tech ratchet system and KwickFit design. It’s a sibling to the EXO-2000, but runs almost $300 dollars less than the top-tier helmet, with a MSRP of $189.95. 

Schuberth M1

Schuberth unveiled its new M1 helmet at AIMExpo, an adaptable lid which has loads of features. The M1 comes with built-in speakers, a boomless microphone, “ultrasound technology” lining, a removable face shield and integrated sun visor. The customization options are broad as well, with seven colors, five different visors, two inner linings and two peaks to choose from. Release date is set for Spring 2015.

Shark Explore-R

Shark reps showed off the new Explore-R helmet, a versatile lid made from carbon fiber which can be worn with goggles and peak or with a traditional face shield. It comes with an integrated sun visor as well. One of the coolest features is the neck gaiter built-into the helmet. Shark also had a sneak peak of a product in development, a lid with light strips built in for better visibility.

2014 AIMExpo in Photos

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